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The Face of the Tea Party is Changing Look at all the young faces

The Face of the Tea Party is Changing

Town Criers in Historic District of St Augustine, FL on 4-5-14
TCC Staff
Town Crier in historic St Augustine, FL on 4-5-14
TCC Staff

Look at all the young faces

The Town Criers have been monitoring the reaction of the public to the Tea Party movement for the past three years. The Town Criers, a Committee of the St. Augustine Tea Party, made its 122nd appearance on historic St. George Street in St. Augustine, Florida, today. [See “A look at Town Crier’s history” August 26, 2013 at Ed]

For the past three months, the Town Criers have reported an ever increasing “Millennial Generation” participation in their activities. Using the perspective of the Town Criers, this is no longer a fluke, but a growing trend. These young, Liberty minded people are identifying with the Tea Party as a result of the burdens of Obama care, which are being placed on them. In addition, they are realizing that the student loan program, which Obama took over early in his administration, is going to be a great burden on them for the rest of their lives. Coupling that with poor employment prospects, you have a new surge in their Libertarian ideals. With the disillusionment of the GOP after the 2010 elections, the Tea Party is also moving in a libertarian direction. “We see a blend occurring. These young people are not part of the Young Republican Clubs,” a Town Crier commented.

The Republican Party leadership is at war with the Tea Party and the Liberty movement. Last week, Bill O’Reilly, on his popular program “The Factor”, announced to his largely Republican audience that the Tea Party was finished. He said that their numbers have never exceeded 25% of the population, that their influence would be destructive to the GOP and the country at large. His “fair and balanced” partner, Juan Williams, was in complete agreement. “Well, maybe this is true in the sheltered studios of Fox News, where Mr. O’Reilly “looks out for the folks”. But out in the streets where you meet the real people, the Tea Party is enjoying a popularity that neither political Party enjoys,” the Criers declared. Today, this reporter witnessed hundreds of encounters with young people. The “Rhythm and Ribs Festival” was held at Francis field today, bringing exceptional crowds to the historic district. It was estimated that 10,000 people experienced the Tea Party presence with their signs and flags.

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