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'The Face': Insecurity breeds insults

Naomi Campbell mentor on the The Face
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

On Wednesday night’s installment of "The Face", the drama continued upon being revealed that the one of the strongest models in the competition was eliminated. Naomi Campbell was to be the judge of who stayed and who was going and since this is a competition after all; obviously, she decided to get rid of one who might cause her own team problems. It was Anna V. who made the mistake of sending her strongest model to face elimination.

Then the challenge this week was to create a photo campaign for Frederic Fekkai line of hair products, and the astonishing part was that the photo would be in the nude so as to highlight only the hair in all the girls that just had a makeover, directed by Frederic Fekkai himself.

Kira from Team Naomi talks too much and brags too much due to her latent insecurity in the competition and thus, comes across as rude and conceited and last night stuck her foot in her mouth by proclaiming that a non-American and colored girl could not be The Face of the Frederic Fekkai hair products line.
Team Naomi pulled out a win and that meant that a model from the losing teams would need to be put for elimination, and these were Khadisha from Team Anna V. and Nakisha from Team Lydia, and at the end of the night Nakisha was sent home.

“The Face” runs on Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. EDT on Oxygen

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