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‘The Face’ episode 9 recap – Representing the brand

It’s time for another episode of “The Face.”

Afiya speaks to the press on Oxygen's "The Face."
Oxygen Media
Tianna, Afiya, Felisa and Ray prepare to do a press conference for Fekkai's new hair fragrances.
Oxygen Media

At last week’s elimination, it was between Tianna and Amanda, and Naomi chose to eliminate Amanda, so as Tianna came back in the room with the rest of the models and coaches, Lydia and Ray were sad that Amanda wasn’t the one that came back. Anne, of course was super happy that Tianna made it through, as she is the only one left on her team.

As Naomi came back in the room, Lydia calmly asked her why she eliminated Amanda. Naomi told her that she knew that Lydia was protecting Ray by sending Amanda, whom she feels is the stronger model, and she felt sorry for her being sacrificed.

The next day, the girls meet with Nigel and the supermodel coaches, plus three unnamed people. Nigel welcomes them, and introduces the people as J.P. Kuehlwein, executive Vice President, VP of Marketing, Chandra Coleman and Director of PR, Denise Davila.

The challenge will be representing the Fekkai brand at a press conference for their new line of hair fragrance mists. They’ll have to prepare a 1 minute speech about the product, and also have to field questions from the press, which will include representatives from Elle Magazine and US Weekly. Plus, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton will also be on hand to grill them as well.

Oh, and did I fail to mention that Frederic Fekkai will be there as well.

Nigel says they will be judged on their knowledge of the brand, their personality, and how well they represent the Fekkai brand. They will have one hour to study up on the Fekkai products, brainstorm with their coaches, and write their speeches. With that, the girls are sent to the Fekkai Pop-up salon, where they wait, and unknowingly are filmed by a hidden camera, where their coaches can watch and see what they do with their time.

The girls don’t seem to make good use of their time, most of them nodding off, as their coaches are watching and wondering why they’re not using their time to learn about the products. Finally, the coaches have had enough, and with Naomi leading the way, they go into the salon to confront the girls.

Naomi tells her girls she is so disappointed in them, and she tells them they’ve been watching them on a hidden camera. The mentors get the girls up, and they start checking out the products and preparing for the press conference. The mentors each talk to their teams and they give them tips on the best way to handle things.

Soon, it’s time for the press conference to begin, and as everyone is seated they each get their chance to give their 1 minute speeches.

Tianna goes first, and she does really well. Next is Afiya, and she sounds robotic, like she’s reading off cue cards. Felisa is third, and generally, she has a great speaking voice, but she gets all nervous, and ends up speaking about the shampoos, and says nothing about the hair fragrance mists. Ray goes last, and personally, I think she did the best with her speech. She sounded effortless, and called Frederic Fekkai the Casanova of Hair. Is that good or not? We’ll find out later, but next it’s time for questions.

Tianna seems to do well with her questions, and Afiya redeems herself during the Q&A somewhat. Poor Felisa is called out by Perez Hilton for speaking mainly about the shampoos and conditioners, and not about the hair fragrance mists, and she doesn’t really answer his question, so it’s not looking good for her. Ray also handles the Q&A with ease, and I think it’s between her and Tianna for the win.

The three Fekkai reps meet with Nigel and the supermodel coaches and discuss what they thought. They think Tianna has the Fekkai elegance. They liked Ray a lot as well, but are a bit worried that maybe her youth will work against her a bit. They thought Afiya did better during the Q&A, but her speech sounded rehearsed, and they thought Felisa had a likeable personality, but her knowledge of the product was poor. So…. Who wins? They choose Tianna. That means Ray from Team Lydia and someone from Team Naomi will go to elimination.

It’s certain that Ray will be going, since she is the only one on her team left. Naomi talks to both her girls, and chastises Afiya for her robotic speech, but she was totally embarrassed by Felisa, and she is the one she is sending to elimination.

In the elimination room, Anne views both girls’ portfolios, but is still uncertain who she will choose to go home. Ray is clearly the stronger model, so does she want to give her a free pass to the finale, or should she send home Felisa, who is the weaker of the two.

Both girls get a chance to fight for their chance to stay in the competition, and Ray really fights hard. Felisa, however seems to have lost all her fight, and says she doesn’t feel she is ready for this, and she refuses to fight, so Anne has no choice but to eliminate her.

Next week is the finale. Tune in on Wed., May 7, at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT to find out which girll will be “The Face.”

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