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‘The Face’ episode 8 recap – Diamonds are a model’s best friend

Afiya tries to compose herself prior to the photo shoot on Oxygen's 'The Face.'
Afiya tries to compose herself prior to the photo shoot on Oxygen's 'The Face.'
Oxygen Media

It’s time for another episode of “The Face.”

Lydia talks with her team; Ray and Amanda, prior to the taping of their Chopard photo shoot.
Oxygen Media

After last week’s shocking elimination of Sharon, you can bet who is going to be pissed off at the start of this week’s episode. Yup, that would be Anne. As soon as Lydia came in the room, Anne went off on her, asking her why she got rid of Sharon rather than Felisa. Lydia admitted that Sharon was the stronger model, and Anne decided to taunt her, saying she was just afraid of the competition. Lydia fought back, saying that she is her peer, and she shouldn’t disrespect her like that. In the end, Anne said she was glad that Lydia finally got it together, because she is going to need it, and she should watch out.

The next day, the girls met with Nigel and the supermodel mentors, plus the representative from the product that the girls will be promoting. Nigel introduces the gentleman as Marc Hruschka, the President and CEO of Chopard, which makes high end jewelery.

Nigel then explains the concept of the challenge. The girls will be playing glamorous girls that are being chased by a biker. The biker is trying to deliver a fabulous Chopard diamond necklace. They will be running in 10 inch heels and be wearing haute couture designs. Cinch, eh? Oh yes, and there is a tagline that one of the girls from each team must recite to the camera bout the Happy Diamond collection from Chopard. It will be up to the mentors to decide which girl will get to say the line. That is, except for Anne, who only has Tianna on her team, so we know Tianna will be saying the line.

You know there is always three things that the rep will be judging them with. This week it is:

  1. Movement. How well they move in the designer dresses.
  2. Appearance. Did they look glamorous and composed?
  3. Performance. How well was the tag line delivered?

Also on hand is Ann Slowey from “Elle” magazine. She gives the girls some tips on how to create their video. Nigel tells the girls that each member of the winning team will receive a Chopard diamond bracelet.

The teams go off to hair and makeup, then get together to practice walking in the super high heels. Tianna has an especially hard time walking, and keeps falling down.

The mentors come in to meet with their girls. Lydia once again has some crazy technique for her girls to do. Last week it was screaming at the top of their lungs. This week, she wants them to sing “Rock-a-Bye-Baby” while dancing around wearing the crazy high heels.

Nigel and Ann visit with each of the teams, checking out their concepts and Ann gives the girls some advice.

Anne visits with Tianna, and she is scared at only having one girl, but at the same time, now she can focus all her attention on just one person. She gives her direction that she feels that Tianna should go over the top with her movements, and Tianna has a hard time reaching that level. She’s much more low key so it’s hard for her to be so big and bold.

Naomi is giving tough love to her girls, especially Afiya, who is having some problems running in the heels. Naomi decides that Felisa should deliver the tag line, and Afiya doesn’t understand why she didn’t pick her. They practice over and over and Afiya starts breaking down in tears. In the end, she takes the emotion and it makes her performance better.

As they start to shoot, they can see that it’s too dangerous for the girls to be running in those high heels, so they give them something a bit lower so they won’t be breaking their ankles falling all over the place.

Tianna is up first, and she really has the dramatic movements, just like Anne wants from her. She delivers the tagline over the top as well, and that’s it.

Felisa and Afiya are next, and Naomi has them doing the run over and over. Now, it is Felisa who is having trouble with the walk. She seems to have this happen every week. She rocks it in practice and then doesn’t do well when it’s the actual shoot. The girls keep trying and finally get something Naomi is satisfied with.

Lydia’s girls are the last to shoot, and Amanda has problems running in the crazy stiff dress she has to wear. It has sort of like wings on the sides, and as she runs, they keep flapping back and forth. It just really looks bad. In the end, Ray delivers the tagline, and it sounds really good.

It’s time for judging, and the mentors, Nigel and Marc from Chopard sit down to review the videos.

Marc thinks Naomi’s team did well with the movement, but the tagline didn’t have the strength to it. He loved Tianna’s movement, calling her “grace in motion,” but he didn’t like the over-the-top tagline. He didn’t care for Amanda and Ray’s movement, calling Amanda stiff (gotta blame the dress for that really), and he thought Ray looked like she was in a sci-fi movie. But, he adored Ray’s reading of the tagline.

So, who wins? Team Naomi. That means Tianna is definitely going to elimination. Lydia has to choose from Ray and Amanda. Based on the fact that Marc loved Ray’s reading of the tagline, she picked Amanda.

Naomi views Tianna and Amanda’s portfolios. She realizes that Tianna is one of the strongest models, and she also feels Amanda has been getting better, especially lately. She asks Amanda why she should keep her over Tianna. Amanda says that Tianna has plateaued, while she is getting better all the time. She asks Tianna what she has that Amanda doesn’t have. Tianna says she can be editorial and she can be commercial, and she doesn’t think that Amanda is as versatile as she is.

Naomi considers what the girls have said, and makes her decision. The girl that will be staying is Tianna. Amanda is going home.

Now, Team Lydia and Team Anne both only have one girl, while Naomi still has two girls. Only three will make it to the finale, so we’re down to the end of the road.

Tune in next week for another episode of “The Face,” on Wed., April 30, at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.

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