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‘The Face’ episode 7 recap – The sleeping giant awakens

It’s time for another episode of “The Face.”

Afiya and Felisa prepare for their lingerie photo shoot on Oxygen's The Face.
Oxygen Media
Naomi and Nigel demonstrate having a connection with your partner in a photo. Whew! Steamy!!
Oygen Media

It seems that “The Face” can’t have an opening scene without some major drama. Everyone was shocked last week when it was Amanda that walked back in the room after elimination, rather than Khadisha. Lydia thanked Naomi for saving Amanda, and Naomi interrupted her, saying that she felt that Amanda was in-character the whole time during the challenge, whereas Ray was in and out, and that was why she saved her.

When Anne asked why Naomi eliminated Khadisha, she told her that she made the challenge all about her, where her girls were her backup dancers. But, she said that Khadisha was eliminated because she lost her strength, and she told Anne that she wasn’t as strong as the girls remaining on Anne’s team, and Anne knew that, which is why she put her up for elimination.

So you’re saying… hey, you said there was drama at the start of the episode. That’s hardly drama. To that, I can reply, after answering Anne, Naomi asked to speak to Lydia in her (Lydia’s) room.

You knew it was going to happen, right? Naomi confronted Lydia, saying she was worried about her coaching skills, and she admitted that Amanda would change teams if she was given the chance.

Lydia looked a bit shocked to hear that, but after the initial disappointment, she knew that she had to find a way to reach out to Amanda. Naomi said that Lydia needs to be tougher, because neither she nor Anne were going to show any mercy. With that both Lydia and Naomi went back in the main room, and all three teams dispersed into their team rooms.

Lydia confronted Amanda in their room, saying that she knew that she would switch teams if given the choice. She then continued that Amanda was entitled to her opinion, but that she can’t help them with things they don’t understand if the girls don’t ask her to explain things better. She then warns both of them that the nice mentor is gone.

In Anne’s room, Tianna is sitting alone when Anne comes in to talk to her. They discuss her recent breakouts, and Tianna is worried about how everyone sees her as the girl with the bad skin. Anne gives Tianna her support, saying that she will do what she can to help, and Tianna feels a lot better that Anne still is on her side.

The next day, the girls head out to find out what their challenge will be. They arrive out in a construction site, where Nigel and the mentors are standing waiting for them with one other lady.

Nigel tells the girls to look at the girl next to them, because she is their competition. He asks Afiya who she thinks her biggest competition is. She looks at the other girls and says that it’s Tianna. He then asks Ray the same question. She also thinks that it’s Tianna. Nigel asks Tianna how she feels being singled out. Tianna thinks it’s a big compliment, but it’s also a little scary because you want to live up to the expectations. This also makes her feel better about herself after the whole skin conversation with Anne.

Nigel then tells the girls about the upcoming campaign. They will shoot a sexy ad campaign for the sexy lingerie brand “Fleur du Mal.” They will have to find a way to be sexy along with some male models in the gritty industrial site.

Judging the campaign is founder of “Fleur du Mal,” Jennifer Zuccarini, who is standing next to Nigel. Jennifer says her brand is chic, provocative and also a little bit rebellious. The type of models she likes for her brand is someone who is strong, sexy and comfortable with their own body.

Nigel says that the girls will have to make a believable shot with the male models. Naomi adds that Nigel was once a male model, and she asks him to help her show the girls the art of chemistry.

At that, Naomi and Nigel get rather steamy and close together. Wow, they are really good!

After the demonstration, Nigel says that Jennifer will be looking for three things:

  1. Connection between themselves and the male models
  2. The photo has to look confident, because the camera will pick up on any awkwardness.
  3. They have to look sexy as the “Fleur du Mal” lingerie they are wearing.

The winning team will receive custom-made silk chiffon lingerie made for them from “Fleur du Mal.” Plus, the winning photo will be featured on the “Fleur du Mal” website. Lastly, as always, one girl from each of the losing teams will be sent to elimination.

The girls break off into their groups to discuss how they think the shoot should go. Tianna and Sharon think they have this in the bag since they think everyone else will be just using the sex angle, and they know it’s more than that.

Afiya and Felisa talk about their ideas, and Afiya tells Felisa she’s confident about this shoot, since she has done lingerie shoots before. Felisa, of course is a bit timid, knowing she’s not the sexiest girl out there.

Ray and Amanda aren’t really brainstorming. They’re more worried about how Lydia will be acting, since she’s said she is going to be really tough on them now.

The mentors show up next, and each heads off to their groups. Anne has the idea that the girls will be coming home with some guys they met at a club, and now they’re going at it. Woah. Sounds a bit raunchy.

Nigel and Jennifer head over to see what Team Anne has in mind. Anne gives them her idea of love and lust, and Jennifer seems to like their idea.

Naomi talks to Afiya and Felisa, asking them what their idea is. They show her something where Felisa is the woman and Afiya is the man, and Naomi isn’t crazy about it. She would rather see them play against their normal traits, and have Afiya be more submissive and Felisa to be more strong. She also has them create alter egos, so they can go outside themselves. Afiya picks Beyonce, and Felisa creates Cece Ryan, who is strong and confident, and has finally found a man that can step up to her.

Nigel and Jennifer come over to see what the plan is for Team Naomi. Naomi discusses that she’s had the girls create alter egos, and that Beyonce and Cece are coming home with their guys, and they want to cuddle and kiss. Jennifer likes the idea, but reminds them that they have to be confident, because it will really look bad if they’re unsure of themselves.

Lydia approaches her two models and asks them how they’re doing, because they are just sitting there doing nothing, and she thinks they look too comfortable. She tells them she got to the top of her game by pushing herself every day to be uncomfortable. She asks them to give a blood curdling scream. She tells them that this is how they can get outside their comfort zone and get into their primal mode.

The girls are really embarrassed, but they attempt screaming, which prompts everyone else to look over and wonder what the heck is going on with them.

Now that the girls of Team Lydia are all loose, Lydia gives them some tips on building a connection with someone you just met.

Nigel and Jennifer make their appearance to see what Team Lydia’s idea is for the shoot. Lydia tells them that the girls are all sweaty from a night out, and they have just come home and are about to take their clothes off. Jennifer says that it is a fine line between sensual and trashy, and they’ll need to watch not to cross it.

Lydia realizes that Amanda is known as the sexy girl, and she feels that Ray has been rather passive. Like Naomi, she wants her girls to switch roles so they are uncomfortable. Hmm, we’ll see if that is a good plan.

Team Anne V is first to shoot. Anne gives them some directions, and Tianna seems to be doing fine, but Sharon is having problems with getting her shapes right. After 15 minutes, Anne now has five minutes to pick the right photo for the client. She chose it, based on the best picture of Sharon, and then the one where Tianna also looked good in it. Hmmm… sounds like she’s playing favorites.

Next to shoot is Team Naomi. The girls are firmly in their alter egos, and Naomi actually introduces them to the male models with the alternate names. As they shoot, it’s easy to see Felisa is just not comfortable. After the 15 minutes is up, Naomi makes her choice and it’s on to Team Lydia.

As the girls start shooting, Ray is very uncomfortable and stiff, but Lydia keeps being hard on them, and eventually it works. She picks a picture, and it’s up to Jennifer to which one she likes best.

Jennifer gets together with Nigel and the mentors. First is Team Anne. Jennifer says she’s drawn to Sharon in the photo, but it looks a bit awkward. She likes how strong Tianna looks, but doesn’t think the connection is there between her and the male model.

Next is Team Lydia. Jennifer likes that both Ray and Amanda look passive, but still strong. She thinks Ray could have turned her body a bit more, but on the whole, she likes the connection between not only the couples, but as a foursome as well.

Last is Team Naomi. Jennifer likes Afiya’s look; confident, but not overboard. She likes that you can really see the product on Felisa, but the shot as a whole actually looks like someone pasted two shots together. She’s not feeling the connection of the foursome.

In the end, Jennifer picks Team Lydia for the win. Anne and Naomi need to pick someone to send to elimination.

Anne picks Sharon and Naomi picks Afiya for elimination.

In the elimination room, Lydia looks at the portfolios of both girls. Each of them gets the chance to speak up for themselves. Sharon is confident that she is the better model, and Felisa is rather mousy in her speech. It looks like maybe Felisa is finally going home.

Lydia decides instead to take a page out of Naomi’s book and eliminate the stronger girl that is the biggest threat to her team, and she eliminates Sharon. Shock!

Tune in next week for another episode of “The Face,” on Wed., April 23, at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.

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