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‘The Face’ episode 6 recap – Androgyny anyone?

Felisa and Afiya practice with Naomi on Oxygen's "The Face."
Felisa and Afiya practice with Naomi on Oxygen's "The Face."
Oxygen Media

It’s time for another episode of “The Face.”

The top 7 models wait to hear about this week's challenge on "The Face."
Oxygen Media

If you read my recap from last week, where I predicted that Naomi wouldn’t be freaking out at the beginning of this episode since her girl didn’t get eliminated, you’ll see this week that I was correct. That however didn’t mean that there wasn’t any drama to start the episode.

While Naomi wasn’t upset, Anne V, who eliminated Allison from Lydia’s team was upset with Lydia’s mentoring style. She lit into her about how she needs to be tougher on them. Soon, Naomi also joined in, criticizing Lydia, saying that there is something wrong with her mentoring skills since she has yet to win a single challenge. Lydia didn’t take the bait, and didn’t argue back, but instead took her girls to their room in the loft to speak to them privately.

Lydia asks Amanda and Ray to tell her why she thinks they haven’t won anything. Amanda grabs the newbie card, saying that she and Ray are the most inexperienced models in the competition, and it’s harder for them. Lydia tells them they need to speak up and if they don’t understand something, to ask her again until they do understand. We’ll see if this worked as an answer to the problem.

The next day, the models head to the campaign studio where they meet Nigel, who is standing with another gentleman waiting for them. Nigel tells the girls that this week’s challenge they will be posing as men. He says they will be posing in a three part love story, which will be featured in The female in the love story will be none other than the girls’ coaches, so not only will they have to stand out as male models, but they’ll have to not let their supermodel coach outshine them in the editorial.

Nigel then introduces the gentleman standing with him as Joe Zee, the Creative Director of Elle Magazine. Joe will be judging their campaign. The key points that he will be judging the girls on is: Storytelling, connection between themselves and their love interest, and believability.

Helping them with their transformation to playing the other sex will be one of the most famous drag queens in the world, Ru Paul. Woo ho!

The girls go off to be styled, and the superstar mentors come in and chat with their girls. Naomi talks with Afiya and Felisa, saying she has an idea that the first shot will be Felisa being a voyeur, and come in upon Afiya and Naomi in a compromising situation, where Afiya is in a chair, and Naomi is on her knees undoing Afiya’s pants. What?

Anne V talks with her girls, giving her idea for the shoot, as they are all in a bar, and she is showing off, trying to get their attention. Anne has Sharon take her hand and give it a kiss, but she tells Sharon that she wants her to give a three quarter face, not a profile. Khadisha then gives her opinion, saying that when she does the pose to look off to the right, and Sharon questioned that she should be looking at Anne, but both Anne and Khadisha said that she shouldn’t do that or you’d only see the white part of her eye.

Anne is impressed at Khadisha’s ideas, but she’s worried, because Khadisha usually does really well in practice, and she chokes when the camera is on.

Lydia meets with Allison and Ray, and tells them her idea for the shoot is to have a love triangle between the three of them. Kinky! Ray has some problems during the practicing, and she keeps pursing her lips. This could be bad news for Ray.

Naomi practices with Felisa and Afiya. RuPaul comes over and works with them after seeing some of their ideas, and he gives them some pointers, and tells them that their story has to be believable.

Next, RuPaul comes over to Anne’s team and looks at their poses. He likes their ideas, but tells them to get the story in their head, and if they see it the audience will see it as well.

Lastly, Ru pays a visit to Lydia’s team, checking out their poses. He thinks Ray is looking too feminine, but he’s loving Allison’s masculine look.

Lydia’s team is first to shoot, and Ray is still haven’t problems getting her masculinity down. They finally get some shots they like, and Ray is feeling good about things. We’ll see What Joe Zee thinks.

Naomi’s team is next, and Afiya and Felisa come on set, and Nigel approaches them. Both girls are in-character, and seem strong. This seems to bode well for their shoot. After they were done, it’s looking really well for them.

Lastly, Anne’s team is ready to shoot. The girls seem to have a hard time connecting, and it seems like the star of the shot is Anne.

Joe Zee sits down with Nigel and the supermodels to check out the three campaigns.

First, he looks at Team Lydia. Unlike RuPaul and the photographer, he gravitates to Ray, and he doesn’t like Amanda’s hard scowl. He thinks the three don’t seem all that connected.

As Joe looks at Team Naomi, he is wowed by their photos. He feels the girls aren’t letting Naomi outshine them. He especially likes Afiya.

Looking at Team Anne’s photos, he points out that it looks like a femme fatale story, but the focus seems more on Anne, not the girls portraying guys. He does really like Sharon’s look, however.

And the winner is Team Naomi. Team Anne’s reign is over. The photos will be shown on, and the two girls’ biographies will also be displayed. Both Anne and Lydia have to send someone up for elimination.

Anne decides to send up Khadisha, and Lydia sends Amanda.

Naomi looks at the two girls’ portfolios. She thinks Khadisha is strong, but she doesn’t seem to be doing well in her photos. She thinks Amanda is too sexy, but this week, she’s shown a different side of her, but she still doesn’t know if she could win this competition.

Naomi thinks that Amanda was sent to elimination because she was too strong, and Khadisha was sent to elimination because she wasn’t strong enough. She asks Amanda if she thinks that Lydia has taught her something. Amanda thinks that Lydia is a little bit nicer. Naomi asks her if she thinks she isn’t nice. Amanda backtracks and says that Naomi is nice, but she tells it like it is, and Lydia is more reserved. Naomi then asks Amanda if she had the choice, would she be on another team. Amanda says that she would. Oh oh! You know this is going to get back to Lydia.

Naomi then pretty much lays into Khadisha, asking her why she thinks she should stay. When Khadisha says she works so hard, Naomi interjects that everyone works hard. When she says she wants this so bad, Naomi says everyone wants this so bad, and she asks her what is keeping her from getting to the next level, because she feels Khadisha is stuck.

In the end, Naomi decides to keep Amanda. Khadisha breaks down and cries. Naomi tells her to be proud of herself and not to give up. Khadisha says she will not give up. Naomi tells Amanda that she needs to give more than just the one look because the competition is just getting tougher each week, and she’s going to need that.

Tune in next week for another episode of “The Face,” on Wed., April 16, at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.

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