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‘The Face’ episode 5 recap – Going viral

It’s time for another episode of “The Face.”

Felisa practices her choreography on Oxygen's "The Face."
Oxygen Media
The models wait to hear about their campaign this week.
Oxygen Media

As has been the case for the past few weeks, this week’s episode started with Naomi once more being pissed that she lost a girl from her team. She is now down to two girls; Felisa and Afiya.

The girls meet with Nigel to find out what this week’s challenge will be. He tells them that this week the girls will be shooting a viral video for the Berlin accessories brand Liebeskind. They will be spotlighting the handbags in the video. Nigel introduces Karen Elson, who is a famous British supermodel who has done really well doing viral dance campaigns. She will give advice to the teams on how to make a successful viral video.

The girls will film a video where they pass the handbag from one to another, each one doing the same choreography. The winning team will have their video showcased on the designer’s website, and one girl from the winning team will fly to Berlin to shoot a Lookbook for Liebeskind. Wow, nice prize! Nathalie Sears from Liebeskind North America tells them that they are looking for someone to showcase a rebellious attitude in their video. She will also judge them on their choreography, and how well they showcase the handbag into that choreography.

Of the three teams, Team Lydia had the most problems, with stiff performances from Allison and Amanda. On Team Anne, Khadisha had some problems with the choreography, and on Team Naomi, we find out that Felisa has no rhythm.

Nathalie reviews the final takes from each team. She agrees that Team Lydia’s video was hard to watch. Team Anne’s team looked really good. Afiya looked good on Team Naomi, but she often forgot her face, and Felisa still looked awkward. In the end, Nathalie picks Team Anne as the winning team, and Sharon is the girl who will be flying to Berlin to film the Lookbook for Liebeskind.

This means Team Lydia and Team Naomi will have to send a girl to elimination.

Back in the team rooms, Lydia talks to her girls and says that while Ray did well, both Allison and Amanda didn’t do so well, and looked really stiff. She decides to send Allison to elimination this week.

Naomi talks to her two girls and says that she thought they did a good job, but Afiya didn’t remember her facial expressions, and Felisa wasn’t fierce enough. Naomi sends Felicia.

In elimination, Anne speaks first to Felisa, saying that she is too one dimensional. She needs to step it up and become more. She speaks to Allison, reminding her that she promised that she would not be in the elimination room again. She asks her why she shouldn’t send her home. Allison tells her that she feels that she didn’t believe in herself this week, but that she does want to stay. In that effect, Felisa also says that she wants to stay as well, and she’s trying to showcase more strength.

Anne listens to them both and makes her decision. She sends home Allison. Felisa is safe, and next week, hopefully, Naomi won’t be flipping out at the beginning of the episode.

Now, Team Lydia is down to two members, as is Team Naomi. Team Anne still has three girls on her team.

Next week, the girls will be doing some modeling as men, and the guest mentor will be none other than RuPaul. Awesome!

Tune in next week for another episode of “The Face,” on Wed., April 9, at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.

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