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‘The Face’ episode 4 recap – Pronunciation is everything

Anne V watches her team tape their campaign on Oxygen's "The Face."
Anne V watches her team tape their campaign on Oxygen's "The Face."
Oxygen Media

It’s time for another episode of “The Face.”

The top 9 models wait to hear what their campaign will be about this week on Oxygen's "The Face."
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As usual, the episode starts where last week’s left off, with the elimination having just been announced, and Team Lydia’s Ray walks back in the room where all the other contestants and mentors are waiting (minus Naomi, who rushed in the elimination room to comfort her team member, Kira, who was eliminated).

All the members of Team Lydia are ecstatic to see Ray come back, while the girls on Team Naomi are shocked that Kira was eliminated. After Ray, Naomi enters the room, and you can see that she is pissed. Actually, it seems that every episode starts with Naomi being pissed for one reason or another, so this isn’t too surprising.

Anne is the last mentor to enter the room, and when she does, Naomi goes off on her for eliminating Kira, saying that Ray has been in the elimination room twice, and she deserved to go home. Anne stands her ground, saying that Ray fought hard, and Kira had lost her confidence, and her decision is justified.

Naomi then walked away with her team, leaving Anne and everyone else just gob smacked.

The next morning the girls meet with Nigel and the mentors at Alex and Ani studios. Nigel tells the girls that from here on out, there will be no more test shoots. They will go straight into campaigns, which means that gives the girls only one chance to impress the mentors.

Standing with Nigel is Giovani Feroce, the CEO of Alex and Ani, which is a line of must have accessories worn by celebs, bangle bracelets with charms.

Giovanni tells the girls that Alex and Ani is about the bangle bracelets, designed by Carolyn Rafaelian, who is the founder of the company. She incorporates symbology in her designs. Their core values are “Peace, Love and Positive Energy.”

Nigel tells the girls that they will be shooting a 30-second commercial. Giovanni will be looking for three things in their commercials. First, he will be looking at their knowledge of the brand, their delivery and lastly their creativity. Oh, and of course, they will have to do it in one single take, so if anyone screws up, they start over again. Then, the icing on the cake. Each team will have three hours to come up with a concept, and get their hair and makeup done, but only 15 minutes to get a good take. Whoa! The winning commercial will go on the Alex and Ani website.

The girls break off into teams and brainstorm what they want to do for their commercials. Team Naomi’s Allison, Felisa and Afiya decide to go with the charms representing their birth months, and make note of the descriptions. Allison seems to want to go with the exact wording from the description in the book, but Felisa warns her that they need to change it up and make it their own. Naomi comes over to see how they are doing, and she’s a bit worried because Afiya keeps pronouncing Carolyn Rafaelian’s name incorrectly.

Team Anne is going over their script, and Khadisha is having a problem with her pronunciation, as English is not her first language. She is originally from Senegal, West Africa. She’s a bit worried about being able to say the words correctly. When Anne arrives to see how they’re doing, she suggests that maybe they should use the fact that Khadisha is from Senegal and Sharon is from the Dominican Republic and Tianna is from Los Angeles to their advantage. The girls love the idea and it sparks some creativity in the team.

Team Lydia is working hard, and Lydia comes to see how they are doing. She feels they have a lot of dialog, and gives them some suggestions to shorten it a bit. They practice their lines over and over, trying to get the timing, as well as the words themselves right.

Lydia’s team goes first. As they are taping, Anne and Naomi are sitting just off the set, and they begin talking about how they think Allison isn’t pushing herself. The girls seem to be doing great, but after what I thought was a great first take, they do another. As they keep doing new takes, Allison seems to be distracted by Anne and Naomi discussing her performance, and she starts to flub up.

The next team to tape is Naomi’s team. The girls start with Afiya, and she’s still having a problem with the designer’s name, and Naomi is going ballistic. They keep trying take after take, and if it’s not Afiya messing up, it’s Felisa or Alana. Naomi just keeps screaming.

Finally, Team Anne is up. Tianna starts, and she looks great. Khadisha is second to speak, and she’s having trouble again with saying her charm is “the dove.” She keeps saying “the bove.” Finally, though she seems to get it right. Sharon does great with her lines. I think they have a great chance to win.

Giovanni sits down with Nigel and the judges to discuss who he thinks did the best job. First off, he watches Lydia’s team. He likes their message, but think it only informed half way. When he watches Anne’s team, he likes their energy, but thinks they missed saying the designer’s name. He liked Team Naomi’s knowledge, but Afiya didn’t pronounce the designer’s name right. For that, he says that they are off the table for the win. So, it’s between Lydia and Anne for the win. In the end, he picks Anne’s team. At this decision, Naomi shockingly says she disagrees, and she disputes his decision. Giovanni doesn’t back down, saying that even though Naomi’s team did mention the name, it was pronounced incorrectly, and he still goes with his decision that Anne’s team is the winner. This means that Naomi and Lydia will each have to nominate a girl for elimination.

Back in their respective team rooms, Lydia faces her girls. She tells Ray that she nailed it, so it’s between Amanda and Allison. Amanda kept flubbing her lines and Allison kept being distracted by Anne and Naomi talking about her.

In Naomi’s team room, she tells Afiya that she said the name of the designer wrong. She felt that Felisha was too quiet, and Alana was not giving enough energy. Surprisingly, she doesn’t send Afiya, even though it was her mistake that cost them the win. She decides to send Alana.

In elimination, Anne looks at the portfolios of Allison and Alana, and thinks it will be a hard decision. She asks Alana why Naomi sent her to elimination. Alana mentioned about the incorrect pronunciation of the name in their commercial, and Anne asks her if she thinks that Afiya should be there instead of her. She says that she does. Anne asks Allison why she thinks she is there. She said that she was the weakest member of the team due to her lack of focus. Anne gets her to admit that she was distracted by Naomi and herself talking while she was performing.

In the end, Anne decides to save Allison. Alana is going home.

Tune in next week for another episode of “The Face,” on Wed., April 2, at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.

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