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‘The Face’ episode 3 recap – Runway dinner party

This week on “The Face,” we see the fallout from last week’s elimination of Nakisha. Naomi arrives in the room where the other models and supermodel coaches are waiting, and she starts ranting about how that was the hardest elimination she has ever had to make, and how she hopes she never has to do anything like that again. She seems to think that Lydia and Anne V both conspired to send two “models of color” to elimination; one being Khadisha, who was the model that had the problem with Kira saying that a black model would not win the competition. Naomi said that Anne V knew that she would never eliminate Khadisha after that, and she played on her heartstrings. Anne V denied it, but Naomi was not having it, and she took her models and left the room.

Team Naomi's Felisa walks the runway on Oxygen's 'The Face.'
Oxygen Media
The top 10 models are dressed up for their runway challenge in front of guest judge Tyson Beckford.
Oxygen Media

The next day, all the girls meet with Nigel, Naomi and special guest, supermodel Tyson Beckford. Nigel tells the girls that Tyson is here to teach them one of the fundamentals of modeling; walking the runway. Tyson explains that when you are walking the runway, you have to become a character, rather like acting a part. He will be judging them on three characteristics – Poise, Posture and Pose.

The girls are dressed in restrictive clothing. A latex skirt by Siren. A leather corset by The Stockroom. Super high heels by celebrity shoe designer, Ruthie Davis. And lastly, a couture headpiece by Eric Chavez. And, if that’s not enough, they’ll have to navigate some steps that will be about halfway down the runway, and pose at the end that reflects their personality.

The model that wins the campaign will win something special for her whole team.

The models all take turns walking. Alana is first, and she is a little shaky on the step up, but she doesn’t look down as she walks, and the judges are impressed. Ray, being fairly new to modeling isn’t the strongest walker, and she knows it. Naomi remarks that Ray doesn’t look confident at all.

Allison is pretty strong on her walk, and gets some good comments, Khadisha moves up the stairs by turning her leg to the side, and she looks very ackward. Naomi remarks that she is surprised, since Khadisha is the best walker of all the girls. Amanda, like Allison has a really strong walk, while Sharon is very nervous. Tiana has a really good turn, but she looks down a bit. She looks really fierce. Kira is really shaky on her walk, looking like a baby deer walking for the first time.

In the end it is Tyson’s decision, and he names Tiana as the winner. Nigel tells her that she has won an advantage for her team (Team Anne) in the next campaign.

The next day, as the girls are getting ready, Kira proclaims that she will be the next one eliminated. She knows she didn’t do well on the runway walk, and she tells her teammates that Naomi doesn’t like her. Alana tells her to stop being negative, since she doesn’t even know what the challenge is, but Kira still seems rather defeated.

Next, the girls meet Nigel to find out what the campaign will be. He tells them they’ll be attending a dinner party given by Pamela Roland of the label “Pamela” by Pamela Roland. He points to the dinner table behind him, which is set with silverware, plates and glasses, and tells them that the table will be their runway. They will have to walk the runway in two different outfits. One will be a short cocktail dress and the second will be a long evening gown, complete with a train. The girls look horrified, knowing that it will be virtually impossible to walk down the table wearing a long train, and not knock everything over.

Now is where we find out just what the advantage is that Tiana won for her team.

In the dressing room are the various gowns, both short and long that the girls will have to wear. Tiana’s team (Team Anne) will get to choose their gowns first, which is a huge advantage.

Pamela will be judging the girls with the following criteria: how well they walk, how they showcase the dresses, and their confidence. The models on the winning team will win a limited supermodel mentors of the losing teams will each have to choose one girl to be put up for elimination.

The three teams each choose their dresses and head to hair and makeup. There is a little time to practice, and each supermodel takes her girls aside, giving them tips on how to walk in a long gown. Naomi is worried that Kira is going to trip, and she constantly tells Kira to look confident, but Kira just looks scared.

Anne shows her team how to kick their leg out with each step, to keep from tripping, while Lydia is just wanting her girls to have fun with the runway. She gives a little extra attention to Ray, who is the newest girl to modeling.

Finally, it’s showtime. The first team to walk is Team Lydia. They start with the cocktail dresses, and while Pamela initially likes Amanda’s walk, but as Amanda poses, she decides to blow a kiss at the audience. Pamela is not happy with that, saying it’s too sexy. (Note: Amanda has been critiqued before as being too sexy.) The other girls get ok critiques, but Pamela thinks Ray doesn’t look very confident.

Team Anne is second. Tiana is first, and Pamela likes her confidence. She thinks that the dress looks great on Sharon, and she also likes Khadisha’s walk and pose.

Team Naomi walks next in their cocktail dresses. Pamela is unimpressed with Kira’s walk, but she likes Afiya and Alana’s walks, especially Alana’s confidence.

Now it’s time for the evening gowns. Once again, Lydia’s team goes first. Nigel remarks on Amanda’s swagger, but Pamela once more comments that she feels she looks too sexy. Ray, the new girl does fine, but Pamela thinks she leans back too far as she walks. She thinks Allison looks elegant.

Team Anne is next. Tiana is first, and Pamela loves the way the dress looks on her. She also likes how the dress fits Sharon, but thinks she looks a little too serious. Khadisha walks great, but Pamela thinks she needs to speed up her walk a bit.

Lastly, is Team Naomi. Alana is first, and Pamela likes her confidence. Kira once more looks very scared, and Pamela notices that she looks unsure of herself. Oh oh. This doesn’t look good for Kira. Felisa did fine on the way down the runway, but as she turned to go back, her train knocked over some glasses, and Naomi looked horrified. Afiya was the final girl to walk, and she has the dress with the longest, heaviest train. She walks confidently, even as she is knocking over glass after glass, and even some of the food. Naomi is covering her eyes, and she looks really embarrassed.

Pamela gets together with Nigel, Naomi, Anne V and Lydia to give her thoughts on how the girls did.

On Team Lydia, she thought Amanda looked too sexy, Ray leaned back too much, and she liked Allison, calling her walk regal.

On Team Anne V, Pamela loved Tiana, thought Sharon looked pretty, but a little too serious. She thought Khadisha looked fantastic in the dress, but thought she walked too slowly.

On Team Naomi, Pamela thought Kira looked too scared. She liked Felisa, but mentioned that she kicked a glass over. Alana looked the most relaxed, and poor Afiya was a train wreck, knocking over half the table, but she didn’t stop.

In the end, Team Anne got the win, and Lydia and Naomi have to send a girl to elimination.

Naomi feels that Afiya and Kira were bottom two. She decides to put up Kira based on the client’s comments.

Lydia tells her girls that Amanda and Ray had the worst critiques. Amanda was deemed too sexy, and Ray leaned too much when she walked. In the end, Lydia decides to put up Ray for elimination.

Anne has to decide who to send home; the experienced Kira, or the new girl, Amanda. She asks Ray why she’s seeing her in elimination again. Ray admits that according to the client, she was the weakest walker, but she has a strong drive, and she knows she can get better.

Anne asks Kira why she thinks Naomi sent her to elimination. Kira says it’s due to her losing her confidence. She then tried to place the blame on Naomi, saying that she didn’t get enough direction from her.

Anne makes her decision, and she decides to send Kira home. At hearing her name, Kira breaks down, and in the other room, everyone can hear the confrontation, but no one knows what is going on. As the tension heats up, Naomi decides she is going to go in the elimination room and find out what is happening. Naomi tries to comfort Kira, telling her to pick herself up and prove them wrong. Kira calms down a bit, and Naomi escorts her to the exit.

Tune in next week for another episode of “The Face,” on Wed., March 26, at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.

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