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‘The Face’ episode 2 recap – Makeovers and misunderstanding

Season 2 of “The Face” started last week, and we’ve seen one model, Isabelle, go home already. In this week’s episode, the models get their makeovers courtesy of the Frederick Fekkai studios. As always drama unfolds, but this week’s drama wasn’t so much due to the makeovers. Read on.

Anne V and Frederick Fekkai talk about what they want for Sharon's makeover on season 2 of "The Face."
Oxygen Media
The models await their makeovers at the Frederick Fekkai studios.
Oxygen Media

During the makeovers, we learn that Team Lydia’s Nakisha is wearing a wig, and she reveals her “real” hair, which is short cornrows. That limits what can be done, so the Fekkai team decides to give her a short bob.

Tiana, on the other hand doesn’t get too much of a transformation, however, her look is a bit more shaped, and has an Audrey Hepburn vibe, which looks fantastic on her.

Ray, also of Team Lydia, and the model who was saved from going home last week gets a totally different look, as Lydia decides that she should be a brunette. Naomi, who spotted the transformation went off about how Lydia ‘ruined” Ray’s looks. Huh? Well, Naomi, you should be happy, since that’s just one less strong competitor, right?

So, with makeovers completed, it’s time for this week’s challenge, which will be a photoshoot for Frederick Fekkai’s website. Since the winner is going to be “The Face” of Frederick Fekkai, this is just a preview of what’s to come for that winner.

The girls will photograph as teams, which is all fine and good. But, did I fail to mention that they will be wearing nothing by their new hairstyles? Ahh…I see I did forget that little tidbit. For most of the girls, this isn’t a problem, however for Khadisha, of Team Anne, this is rather frightening. Khadisha is from Senegal, where posing in the nude is really looked down upon, so Khadisha will most certainly have a very uncomfortable time with this.

So, the makeovers provided minimum drama, but that’s all about to change as Team Naomi’s Afiya asks Naomi if she could have a word with her.

She takes Naomi aside and informs her that her fellow teammate, the Russian-born Kira, told her that Frederick Fekkai is not going to want a non-Caucasian girl, or a girl with extensions to win this competition. What? Naomi confronts Kira, who then totally digs herself in deeper with her broken English, saying that a black girl or a non-American can’t win the competition. This totally makes Naomi flip out, and she announces this to everyone in the room. This causes Frederick Fekkai to tell everyone that this is not the case. Enough said.

At the photo shoot, Team Lydia’s team seems to bunch together in the shot, and it seems that their faces are too close together, not showcasing the hair, which of course, is what you want to be showing off.

Team Anne’s team, now down to just three members, does their shot with Khadisha in the middle and Sharon and Tiana flanking her. The problem is Sharon’s face, which she just can’t seem to really relax, looks stiff.

Finally, it’s time for Team Naomi’s team to shoot, and despite the whole tension between Kira and Afiya, they seem to get a decent shot, and they are chosen the winning team once again. This means that again, Lydia and Anne have to decide on a girl to send to elimination, to be judged by Naomi.

Lydia decides to send Nakisha, and Anne, for some reason, didn’t learn from last week’s elimination of Isabelle, whom she sent because she knew Naomi wanted her on her own team, decides to send Khadisha, whom she knows Naomi really loves, so she doesn’t think she will eliminate her. Will it work this time?

At elimination, Naomi has each girl explain why they feel they should stay. Khadisha confidently says that she’s not ready to go, and she is strong, however when Nakisha is asked the same thing, she is not sure if Khadisha should go home instead of her. I bet you can see how this is going to pan out, can’t you? And, you’d be right.

Nakisha is sent packing, leaving Team Lydia with just three girls. Tune in again next Wed., March 16, at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Oxygen to see what happens next.

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