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‘The Face’ episode 10 recap – The winner is crowned

Tianna has a go-see with Frederic Fekkai on Oxygen's "The Face."
Tianna has a go-see with Frederic Fekkai on Oxygen's "The Face."
Oxygen Media

It’s time for the final episode of this season of “The Face.”

Frederic Fekkai chooses a winner of "The Face."
Oxygen Media

Each supermodel coach has one girl left. Team Anne has Tianna, Team Naomi has Afiya, and Team Lydia has Ray.

Afiya, Ray and Tianna go to the final campaign location where they meet Nigel Barker. He tells them that each of them has three more chances to prove to Frederic Fekkai that they are the face of his brand. It will start off with a go-see with Frederic Fekkai himself. They will have to sit with him one-on-one, and he will go over their portfolios and ask him questions. After the go-see, they will have their final photo shoot. The third part is a final runway. After that, Frederic Fekkai will make his decision as to which girl will become “The Face” of his brand.

The runway show will take place the following evening, and the girls will be wearing designs by Roberto Cavalli, and wear jewelry from Chopard. The winner will receive, besides being the face of the Fekkai brand, a spread in Elle magazine.

The girls take a cab to the Fekkai offices, and wait to see the man himself.

First is Tianna. After checking out her portfolio, he asks her about herself, and she admits that she is insecure with her skin. He asks if she thinks that will be a problem for the Fekkai woman. Tianna stumbles a bit, unsure what to say, but then says that it’s important to have confidence, as that will project positively, and Frederic admits that they can always send her to a doctor for her skin, and not to worry about it.

We don’t see as much of Afiya or Ray’s talks with Frederic, but Afiya seems to not know what Frederic wants to know when he asks to learn more about her, and she says she played sports a lot when she was in high school. Ray seemed to have more of a rapport with Frederic, saying she read that he went against his father’s will to become a hairdresser, and she went against her father’s will to become a model, and she wants to prove him wrong about her decision. (Really smart move, I think.) And later on, Fekkai admits he had the most connection with Ray, but also thought Tianna did well, but was a little stiff. He thought Afiya was really nice, but she didn’t tell him much about herself, and she seemed nervous, and he didn’t really feel a connection with her.

It’s time for the photo shoot now, and the girls meet with Nigel, the supermodel mentors, Frederic Fekkai and the photographer, who is none other than the fabulous Gilles Bensimon. (For watchers of “America’s Next Top Model,” you’ll remember that he photographed many of the final photos of the girls on that show.)

During the photo shoot, Ray has some problems at first. Frederic is watching, and he says she is posing too much, and needs to look more natural, but she eventually gets some good shots.

Next to shoot is Afiya, who has problems looking too serious. Eventually, she gets some good shots.

Last up is Tianna. She started just so so, but after Frederic suggests they put some darker lipstick on her to make her lips look fuller, she starts really doing well.

After the shoot, Nigel stops Frederic and asks him what he thought. Fekkai says that all the girls each are very unique, and he doesn’t want to pick anyone just yet. He wants to wait to see them at the runway show the following night.

Next evening Nigel welcomes everyone to the runway show, and he introduces Robbie Myers, the Editor-in-Chief of Elle magazine. Next, he introduces Frederic Fekkai, and then it’s time for the show.

First, the supermodel coaches walk the runway. (Not sure why, but they did.) Tianna is the first of the contestants to walk the runway, and she does wonderfully. The others have to really work to beat her. Ray is second, and she is just sort of casual. While not the best walk, she looks great, and I think she looks really natural. Afiya is third, and she has a strong walk, but she looks very severe. Frederic is going to have a hard time choosing.

So, in the end, Frederic has made his decision, and he chooses… Tianna.

I don’t think he could have gone wrong with any of these three, but I wished Ray would have won.

During the commercial before the final decision, it is announced that Alana is the Fan Favorite. Congrats to her.

Well, that’s it for this year. Best of luck to Tianna as “The Face” of Frederic Fekkai. Hopefully, there will be a third season, and I’ll write more about “The Face” next year.

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