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The F.A.S.T. way to pain relief

First Aid Shot Therapy® (F.A.S.T.) Liquid Pain Relief

Did you know that when you take acetaminophen it can take anywhere from 15 minutes up to 45 minutes to take effect? That's a long time to wait if you're already feeling miserable with a headache, toothache or a fever or if you're recovering from an injury or surgery. The FDA recently reiterated their warning in regards to acetaminophen and how easy it is to take more than the recommended dosage of 325 mg. Taking too much acetaminophen can lead to liver damage, blisters, serious rashes, reddening of the skin and the detachment of the upper surface of the skin, the epidermis and even death.

A new product has been released on the market that provides pain relief without the worry of acetaminophen. First Aid Shot Therapy® (F.A.S.T.) Liquid Pain Relief, made with choline salicylate and caffeine comes in a one dose easy to use liquid shot for fast temporary relief of pain. Choline salicylate is an FDA approved over the counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) pain reliever that works the same way as aspirin but is soluble in liquid (aspirin isn't) making it easier to enter the body. When mixed with caffeine (to increase the response rate of painkiller), choline salicylate enters the body at a quicker rate making pain relief faster.

First Aid Shot Therapy® (F.A.S.T.) Liquid Pain Relief is completely safe and can be used to relieve pain from headaches, cramps, toothaches, joint pain and help to reduce fevers. All it takes is one 1.35 fl. oz. (40 ml) bottle that can be taken every 3-4 hours as needed. First Aid Shot Therapy® (F.A.S.T.) also offers an upset stomach relief formula that is formulated with calcium carbonate (commonly use as an antacid).

Worried about the flavor? First Aid Shot Therapy® (F.A.S.T.) Liquid Pain Relief comes in a great berry flavor for an easy to swallow shot.

Currently First Aid Shot Therapy® (F.A.S.T.) Liquid Pain Relief is available in stores in the Seattle, WA area but can be purchased online at for $29.99 for nine bottles or you can sign up for a subscription and pay $28.49 a month (shipping fee and taxes not included).

For more information on First Aid Shot Therapy® (F.A.S.T.) Liquid Pain Relief or any other First Aid Shot Therapy® (F.A.S.T.) products please visit

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