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The eyes of human-trafficking victims should be on the Texas Supreme Court


  • Sami 6 years ago

    This is an interesting and worthy topic. I am curious how it'll all play out. Thanks for alerting us.

  • Frank 6 years ago

    We need to do a better job spreading the word on this case. Is this all over the headlines of the Chronicle, Houston Biz Journal, and any other online/hard copy paper?

    I do have liberal tendencies, but in this case...there should be no case. That little girl that was captured, abused, and sold to sick bstards as a prostitute needs to be protected by the highest form of law possible. Those involved with her abuse deserve swift and very, very, very painful justice.

    I agree with Sami: Thank you so much for presenting this case. I will forward this link to those that I know and try to do some follow-up as well.
    PLEASE keep us notified as the case plays out. People should be outraged.

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