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The Extraordinary Humor or Extraordinary Bosses

The Extraordinary Humor or Extraordinary Bosses
The Extraordinary Humor or Extraordinary Bosses Images

You know what a “groaner” is? It is what you do when someone in a meeting tells a very bad joke at a very inappropriate moment. Everyone rolls their eyes and it takes time to get back to the issue at hand.

Did you ever wonder why the “clown” did not read the group and keep his or her mouth shut? Why do they seem to act silly or stupid at just the moment when there may have been a great solution to a difficult problem?

The clown was the one in the family who did jump in when stress was high to stop parents fighting or siblings ready to punch and jab or make someone who is sick in bed feel just that little bit better.

However, at work…. Ah it takes an extraordinary boss to use humor in just the right amount at just the right time to help people take a deep breath and have a good laugh.

Did you know that laughter is good for the immune system? Yup, it really does make us feel better. However, it is an art form that is really like being a great chef, not too much and not too little and just at the right time.

Those who had the role of clown in the family really can turn their attention to how to use humor when stress hits the hot button. They do not have to be classic comedians, they do need to take their skill with jokes and learn the timing. They help us by laughing at themselves so we can laugh at ourselves and then get back to the work of the meeting with some new and often extraordinary insights.

Reducing office stress is so vital in our intense, fast-paced world where we often need someone to move us out of the drudgery of the minute with a good sold belly laugh.

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