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The explanation for recent wearable technology abandonment

Time to rethink wearable tech
Time to rethink wearable tech
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The Guardian posted today that one-third of consumers are abandoning their wearable tech devices. The author, Charles Arthur references research from Endeavour Partners in which it states, “one-third of American consumers who have owned a wearable product stopped using it within six months.”

Arthur details possible reasons for consumer abandonment. One of those reasons being the release of a second edition in close proximity from the first product release. With wearable tech at such a young stage of mass possession, this factor would definitely ring true — especially for ‘early adopters’ who want to keep their technology as up-to-date as possible. spoke with Dan Dyer, a PR consultant for tech companies, and he states that the current problem with many wearable tech devices is that they are “trying to find a problem for the technology to solve, rather than solving a problem with technology.”

This could not be more perfectly phrased.

With recent news articles surfacing around the success of tech in health care administration, retail and even assisting disabilities (to Dyer’s point) maybe it’s time wearable innovators re-think their efforts towards solving specific solutions.

Theatro for example has built their device completely from the ground up. This is the perfect example of using technology to solve a problem. They’ve created technology specifically for ‘The Container Store’ employees to more efficiently find in-store products, assist guests and communicate from employee to employee and even from store to store.

If you’re an engineer in wearable tech and looking for satisfaction in seeing your device for long term use - maybe it’s time to move away from targeting consumers and think about enterprise resolves?

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