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The Experiences of Change and Transition

Been laid off?
Quit a job?
Moving out and moving on?
Leaving a relationship?
Starting a career?
Mourning the death of a loved one?

For as long as we resist the law of change, we will suffer.  Why resit change, when change is inevitable?Embrace it and flow with it!
For as long as we resist the law of change, we will suffer. Why resit change, when change is inevitable?Embrace it and flow with it!
Many times in life we lack direction; unsure what to do in the midst of transition.

Yeah, I've been there done that!!

We’ve all have had one or more of these dark nights of the soul or depending on your age, you will experience one of or a series of the above list.
Part of being alive means experiencing transition.
And unfortunately many of us, due to cultural conditioning and domestication as don Miguel Ruiz refers to it, run from this thing called transition. But why?
Because transition is more commonly called by a different name – CHANGE!
We are a people who fear change!
Change is the unknown.
Change it the mystery that we cannot prep or plan for.
Change is that unexpected blow that knocks us off our feet.
Change is the curse that Murphy’s Law warns us of, If something can go wrong it will!
Just that phrase carries so much fearful energy!

As metaphysical practitioners we are trained to embrace the mystery, to ride the wave of change knowing that, as the Tao Te Ching expresses, change is the changeless state…meaning that the only thing that does not change per se is that change will occur. Talk about a koan riddle!

Yet, amid this talk of change there is something that we can rely on being constant! That the Divine energy we refer to as God is ever present and ever good. The universe is a place of good despite appearances and when we are more able to elevate our awareness to that place of embracing the mystery we begin to get a bird’s eye view of life and can better see and appreciate the synchronicities and events that occur in the unseen energetic realms.

When we accept and embrace the ever evolving flow of consciousness and of the Universe, our suffering ends; the pain of human life remains but the suffering ends!
What I mean by that is that, we will still experience sadness, grief, and anger; however, these emotions find no soil in which to take root!

So as a fellow traveler on this journey, who finds himself in transition, affirm that all is well!
Everything is working out just as it must according to the energy we employ.
Take some time today to see if you are employing it in the most holistic, healthy, and effective manner… and if not CHANGE it!

Blessings and love

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