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The Expendables proved Dependable

Sly and Arnold together at last - Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Sly and the crew turned out in force at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in support of his new movie The Expendables.

A crowd of thousands eagerly awaited the stars as they traversed the red carpet which snaked its way from the escalators of the Living Room to the Peepshow Theater where hundreds more were waiting for the Las Vegas premier.

The Governator flew in special for this premier but couldn’t stay for the screening. He’s terribly busy trying to save California’s economy without cutting any more State Services. He graciously shook hands with the public before running in to dine at Koi. 

Bringing the Bad Assery Jason Statham - Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Also in attendance was Jason Statham (his reserved self), Terry Crews (terribly animated and excited really got the crowd pumping), Dolph Lundgren (Rocky’s nemesis looking AWESOME) and the beautiful and incomparable Sin City native Charisma Carpenter. 

Charisma smiled and waved as fans shouted, “Cordy! I love you!” She replied with “I love you too! Anybody go to Gorman?!” referring to Bishop Gorman High School which she attended while living in Las Vegas.

The one star of the show that got the loudest cheer from the crowd above and below the casino floor was the other hometown favorite, Randy “The Natural” Couture. Randy is the consummate Super Star and this was his finest acting job yet. Read more on my impression of The Natural in my review of The Expendables here and while you’re at it you can read my interview with Randy in SINNER Magazine that I did as he was preparing for the role here

Randy The Natural Couture - Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The stars filtered into the theater where Stallone brought the cast members out one by one to take a bow and share the stage with the Writer/Producer/Director/Lead of this ensemble movie.

Sly explained that he had the idea to take all the “bad asses” he knew and put them in a movie together. He said he wanted to start a movement to bring “bad assery” back to movies and that it’s something that has been lacking in movies these days. 

To illustrate his point he led them off the stage to let the movie speak for itself.

Now who were the real winners here? The crowd gathered to see the parade of stars? Yeah, they definitely lucked out. The stars of The Expendables? Yeah, they didn’t do too bad themselves. The crowd was putty in their little hands. But no. The real winner was Planet Hollywood. With all the gimmicks that the casinos are pulling out to bring in the crowds. This was hands down the biggest crowd I’ve seen in a casino this summer. 

The Expendables hits theaters tomorrow Friday the 13th. Get out there and see it.


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