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“The Exotic, Mysterious World of the ‘PANDA!’ Production Show”

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The 'PANDA!' Chinese spectacular production show unlocked the treasures of China’s culture on stage. The audience experienced their martial arts, dancing and acrobatic skills in an ancient-style, a new approach to modern shows.

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Worthy of great praise, “PANDA!” made its entrance on the Palazzo stage, the epitome of Chinese folklore.

Director An Zhao skillfully entwined the talents of the China National Acrobatic Troupe, China Star Dance Troupe and the Masters of the Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Troupe.

The unique special effects thrilled the audience. They must decide where reality began and the illusions took over.

After visiting China five times, this travel writer feels, “PANDA!” embodies an ancient China coming alive on the stage.”

Zhao’s artistic masterpiece brought a complex multidimensional production filled with surprises.
Suddenly acrobats and dancers appear on cables coming down from the ceiling. Reminiscent of the early Las Vegas shows of the ‘70s and ‘80s, this brings the cast into the audience.

Instead of seeing the steps and foundations around the full set, one scene looked like a painting with the cast walking around mountains and waterfalls.

With venetian-blind-style curtains across the stage, the slats moved about with video scenes. The drama continued as the mood of each scene changed.

The acrobats performed their techniques with an Asian twist. As one-act left the stage another entered. The Kung Fu Troupe were standouts with 18 martial arts skills.

This is a love story, a fantasy about the love between a peacock and a panda portrayed by humans. With all the feelings of love, the odyssey traces the panda’s plight to rescue the peacock from evil forces.

So much happened during the “PANDA!” production show, you may wish to return and see what you missed.

The evening began with a cocktail party before the show allowing the media and guests to meet some members of the cast, VIP’s and celebrities. The east met the west as the Asian dignitaries joined the stars of the strip.

“PANDA!” performs Tuesday through Sunday at 7:30 p.m. in The Palazzo Theater. For up-to-date schedule information or to buy tickets, visit any Venetian or Palazzo Box Office. Call: (702)-414-9000.