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The Executive Corner: Tamisa Hunter

Tamisa Hunter is the CEO of J’Niche, LLC., and subsidiary company J'Niche Consulting Company, and has always been a "take charge" kind of woman! With a highly strategic direction for her company, Tamisa has a reputation of effectively enhancing her client's vision and image by teaching them how to harness what they already have. Tamisa has turned an initially unknown operation into a full turnkey boutique consulting empire. J'Niche caters to a wide ranging clientele, including those in the private and public sector alike. Tamisa's "magic touch" has shaped the careers of aspiring models, given direction to experienced models, brought forth new innovations to those of the clergy, and provide insightful inspiration to the everyday man and woman.

The Executive Corner: Tamisa Hunter
D. Ira Lacy

The self-proclaimed "Mrs. J'Niche" takes great pride in what her firm has to offer, and her visionary leadership seeks to cement her booming business model into one that will continuously increase her profit margin. With Christian-based values and mentoring, J’Niche Consulting has helped its clients build self-confidence and has changed the very landscape of how individuals and businesses alike view themselves and their overall image.

Tamisa's keen eye for fashion has helped to empower scores of women and young girls, encouraging them them to look at the beauty that they possess on the inside first, then allow that to work its way outward. Tamisa has been privileged to be chosen to appear alongside 15 other entrepreneurs in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area to participate in the "Save our Daughters" national social media Campaign with celebrity host and rising R&B singer, K. Michelle (Rebel Against Campaign). A survivor of domestic violence, Tamisa lends her expertise and passion for fashion to deserving women and girls throughout the country.