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The Executive Corner: Derrick Huggins

Derrick Huggins is quickly becoming known in Dallas' thriving small business community as an all-around "Go-to-Guy" for new business start-ups, having began his career in consulting, publicity, and website design with local churches and small businesses in Dallas' southern sector.

Derrick Huggins
D. Ira Lacy

Derrick has always conducted business in some form or another, dating back to his days as a middle school student. Although he was unaware of most principles of business, he knew that he liked to make money. Huggins' first official business, "The Threshing Group" started after a conversation with former world renowned Gospel star Tonex' (now known by stage name "B. Slade.") Huggins credits Slade with giving him the boost that he needed to start The Threshing Group after Slade agreed to come do a concert in Dallas to benefit the business free of charge in February 2007.

The self-proclaimed "21st Century Renaissance Man" has spent his entire adult life cultivating his many talents, and he continues to add more and more with each passing year. Known by his clients as a "public relations guru," Derrick launched Mogul Media & PR in September of 2012 at the advice of his best friend and his pastor.

"My best friend Esther always would tell me that this was my calling in life because she said I had the gift of gab. After doing a couple of flyers for my church, my pastor kept nudging me to start my own firm, and he even set me up with some of his colleagues as my first clients," remarks Huggins.

An avid lover of music and fashion, Derrick recently launched "Rashawn Couture," a men's clothing and accessories line which is set to debut in Summer 2014 and EMG Universal, LLC, a fresh and ground breaking new record label. This quick-witted and sometimes sharp-tounged Texas native's no-nonsense attitude might rub some people the wrong way, but whether you love him or hate him, Derrick is an undeniable player in Dallas' buzzing social scene.

Check out his profile on this episode of The Executive Corner.

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