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The Executive Corner: Bobby Burris

The Executive Corner is proud to welcome Bobby "Big Bobby B" Burris. Burris is the founder and owner of Chris Orlá a custom men's designer fashion jewelry company. Burris started his company after realizing there were no custom jewelry companies that offered pieces for men who were big in stature. His company Chris Orlá is one of the hottest companies in the jewelry industry and Burris has plans on expanding his product offering into bow-ties.

The Executive Corner: Bobby Burris
Dallas Moguls

Burris began his career as a Christian Rapper, because of his insightfulness and ability to see the positivity in others and in his surroundings. You wouldn't know it, because of his grand personality, but Burris was the victim of childhood bullying and he uses those past pains to push him to success. The Chris Orlá is described as "chic meets street."

Look for Bobby B as he co-stars as one of the cast of The Dallas Moguls (a docu-series) premiering Jan. 29, 2014 at 10/9c on Mogul TV. Until then, check out his interview on The Executive Corner.