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The exciting Santa Fe IFAM: A must-see for every Native art enthusiast

The creativity, quality and enthusiasm will make the IFAM events memorable. Be sure and attend this August art show in Santa Fe.
The creativity, quality and enthusiasm will make the IFAM events memorable. Be sure and attend this August art show in Santa Fe.

Santa Fe’s newest, most innovative arts market will debut this August 21st through 23rd. The Indigenous Fine Arts Market (IFAM) will be held at the Santa Fe Railyard. This high energy market was created out of a strong desire by Native American artists to participate in an organization responsive to their needs and their culture. What you will see at IFAM is the result of their creative processes both individually and collectively. It is truly a market for Native artists by Native artists.

The Excitement is Palpable

Yes, IFAM is taking place during the SWAIA Indian Market Week. Yet I see it as an enhancement. There are many events and markets scheduled during this upcoming August week and all fill a niche. SWAIA Indian Market is a long-standing tradition. There is the Whitehawk Antique Show, small shows at local hotels, gallery openings and specialty sales. The Wheelwright Museum holds a well-attended auction and show and the list goes on.

There is much to do in Santa Fe during Indian Market Week and most Native American art enthusiasts spend at least a week combing the galleries, visiting artists and attending shows throughout Santa Fe. So having yet another Native American art show to enjoy is not outside the norm.

But IFAM is strikingly different.It was developed quickly, starting from the ideas and struggles of a passionate few, and then taking off in a groundswell of Native pride, hard work and creativity. Many of the artists participating in the show took part in the creation of IFAM. Many of them put their mark on the organization. And they are proud of it.

There are reasons why every Indigenous art enthusiast needs to spend time at The Railyard enjoying this event. Here are some of the reasons why I am convinced IFAM is a must-do:

1. The show is juried and will present the work of over 400 Native artists, many of them well-known and all of them presenting authentic works.

2. The show takes place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday with only one day overlapping the traditional SWAIA Indian Market. IFAM is one great reason to head to Santa Fe early.

3. The show will include Pacific Islanders and Canadian First Nations artists. IFAM is dedicated to representing all indigenous peoples and their art. The focus will not be just on Southwest art. You will be exposed to art and artists you would not usually encounter in Santa Fe

4. There is a palpable air of excitement surrounding this new market developed for the artists by the artists. It is Native-run and the artists are enthusiastic.

5. IFAM has a youthful, innovative style that will excite you. Have a look at their line-up of entertainment, their exciting graphics and the artists that are enthusiastically supporting IFAM. There is energy and a youthful vibe.

6. There is no big money involved in the development of IFAM. It has been a grass-roots effort, supported by many, including the artists that you will see exhibiting at the event. Costs to the artists have been kept low. As an example, space at IFAM has been very reasonable. Some artists are even able to exhibit at IFAM and at the SWAIA market.

Be sure and plan time during your visit to Santa Fe to attend IFAM. Head to the Railyard and you will be impressed with the quality of the art, the positive vibe and the creativity. Your support will be appreciated and you, too, can be part of something new and exciting... an arts venue that will be growing with each year.

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