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The evolution of Valentine’s Day to the classroom

Be my valentine
Be my valentine
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“Off with his head”, was Emperor Claudius II sentence of Valentinus, a Catholic Priest. Below is history’s account of how the death of man advanced to the exchange of Valentine’s Day cards between classmates?

Romantic love
Despite its ambiguous history, over 10 thousand Valentine’s Day cards are sold nationwide in commemoration of romantic love. Some historians connect Valentine’s Day to the Catholic priests, Valentinus, who was beheaded for marrying a Roman soldier and his betroth. History professed, Emperor Claudius II outlawed the marriage of any Ramon soldier and therefore beheaded Valentinus for breaking the law.

Imprisoned love
Another historical account of Valentine’s Day are the actions of a Roman named Valentine. He was imprisoned for his attempts to elevate the suffering of Christians. Prior to his death he wrote a “letter” to his love, declaring his devotion. He signed the letter “from your Valentine”. Today these words echo the expression of love between many couples.

Pagan act
Similar to the Christmas tree, Valentine’s Day is documented by historians as a “pagan celebration”. In February, Lupercalia, “a fertility festival” was promoted by Roman citizens in worship of the “god of agriculture” and “Roman founders Romulus and Remus”. In the late 5th century, Pope Galasius condemned the festival and declared February 14th, Valentine’s Day.

For the complete account of the historical leap of the beheading of Valentinus, to Valentine’s Day of the 20th century, read the next article featured in this column.

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