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The Evil Within will bring back traditional horror gaming

The ultimate horror game in the making
The ultimate horror game in the making

Horror titles have strayed away from the atmospheric and tense gameplay in recent years. This was most notable when Shinji Mikami was finished with Capcom after Resident Evil 4. Now, Shinji is back in the game and working with Bethesda on a horror title known as The Evil Within. During E3, Bethesda held a closed door presentation showing off gameplay of what might just be the best horror title to ever be created.

Title also going to PC and next generation consoles

The demo begins as a group of three head to an asylum where no reports of police feedback are. They arrive at a large mansion, in the rain. The main character heads in and there are a lot of down police, all still with their guns and ammo. The location is known as Beacon Mental Hospital. The three make their way to the security room where they find one man still alive. He states he has been “roofied” and eventually passes out. The security camera shows other police shooting at something, and quickly a ghost like figure stabs them with something. Before the main character knows it, the same figure is behind him and injects him with something.

The setting is made complete with the ambient music as they entered the mansion. With Shinji Mikami basically inventing the way of creating a tense atmosphere, it’s clearly shown in the first part of the demo. Much like Resident Evil 4, the camera will be in the same position.

Picking back up where the demo left off, the character arrives, blurry, in a very unsettling atmosphere with corpses hanging upside-down. The character reaches for a knife and cuts himself down. In front of him is a giant man that’s hacking the corpses. Stealth will play a huge part in The Evil Within, as the character is able to escape, but is chased by the giant as it wields a chainsaw. Eluding it as you try to escape, including hiding in a locker, is key to survival. No ammo or any defense in this case, the situation is pure anxiety and luck. There is no radar and no assistance whatsoever. Once making it through and escaping the mansion, an explosion occurs and the city has caved in.

A second scenario was shown as the setting is dark and outdoors. The same character approaches a house. Using torches to see inside the house and as defense, he is confronted by ghouls. At this point, he has some ammo and uses it on the head, but it doesn’t necessarily do the job. The knees can be taken out with the gun, and he can set the corpse on fire once it is on the ground. After making his way to the basement, the character starts hallucinating an ongoing hall way. This seems like something seen in Silent Hill has the environment changes to something hellacious. The character ends up in a room at the end of the hall where there is a pile of dead bodies. Emerging from the bodies is an eight-legged woman demon that is seriously disturbing. This is where the demo ends.

The Evil Within will feature scarce ammo and a very unsettling atmosphere. Judging from the demo, it seems many types of enemies will exist in the game. The game looks phenomenal add features the perfect lighting engine for what the title is trying to accomplish. The Evil Within is in development for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and both next generation consoles. It will be released some time in 2014. Check back for more information.