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The Evil Within release date finally revealed

The Evil Within - box art
The Evil Within - box art

Fans have been waiting for The Evil Within for some time now. Ever since the game was revealed, players have hoped that the game would revitalize the survival horror genre after Resident Evil's fall from grace. This hope was bolstered by the name of the man behind the project: none other than Shinji Mikami, the father of the survival horror genre itself. It seemed too good to be true, a revitalization of a genre gone cold. The only problem was, gamers had no idea when they'd actually get their hands on it.

Not anymore. Via their official blog, Bethesda revealed that The Evil Within would launch later this year, on August 26th. On top of that, it's coming out on every platform available: the game will be available on both next and current generation consoles, as well as PC.

Last but not least, Bethesda revealed the official artwork for the game, and...let's just say it fits with everything else we've seen so far.

Just in case you missed it, The Evil Within is set to release on August 26th for all major platforms.