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'The Evil Within' promoted in a parody by 'The Onion'

Bethesda Studios has teamed up with The Onion to create a spoof news story that promotes its upcoming game, The Evil Within.

'The Evil Within'

Published on April 16 and it was made to be a parody of moral outrage regarding violent video games along with the moral panic that follows.

The story was focused on the controversy regarding how The Evil Within use of barbed wire as tools of murder and torture has offended the industry and its consumer base. They offended group feels that the game depicts barbed wire in a negative portrayal.

Annette Coleman, a spokesperson for the barbed wire lobby, stated, "Barbed wire is a force for good! It protects are junkyard from scrape metal thieves and keeps are cattle ranches safe from rustlers."

The video even features people that use barbed wire who are outraged of its degrading portrayal in the game. A spokeswomen for Bethesda Studios addresses the issue by issuing a statement that it was never their intentions to vilify barbed wire.

The spoof was created in collaboration with Bethesda Studios to promote The Evil Within which is set to be released on August 26 for the PC and all major consoles.

The Evil Within is an upcoming horror game being created by Shinji Mikami, horror icon who is well known as the creator of Resident Evil and Devil May Cry. The game is a psychological horror the follows Detective Sebastian Castellanos trying to escape a demonic nightmare.

The Onion is a humor publication well known for its parody news stories that have fooled people into believing they were real.

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