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The EveryMart Android App – A Perfect Thrill Racing Game

Everymart screen shot
Everymart screen shotNA

The most ordinary way of shopping involves pushing supermarket trolleys, loading them with favorite items before paying for them at the till. However, EveryMart Android game takes users into a very different scenario in the shopping world. Developers of this app have declared that it's interesting and visually stimulating. So how is it different from the Android apps users have had in the past?

The gameplay/concept/theme:

This game offers users an unexpected boxcar racing experience within the context of everyday shopping. According to UbiNuri, the developer of EveryMart, users can select from a wide variety of boxcars and fairy-tale characters. And if players want to increase chances of winning the game, choosing strategic items is inevitable. In this game, users will also come across a few popular snack shops within their locality. This brings more life to the game because players can see what they usually encounter in real life.

Features of EveryMart:

There is a vast array of features to enhance the gaming experience of players worldwide. Most notable features include boosters, the umbrella weapon, and the presence of supermarket baskets along the way.

Boosters: Very important when it comes to starting and completing the race. They're meant to propel users at the start and end of the race, exhilarating them with a burst of speed past their rival.

Umbrella weapons: Nothing frustrates more than bumping into blocks during gameplay, and especially in racing games. With EveryMart, users can engage Umbrella Weapons to avoid any potential gaming hazards.

Endless theme tracks: It's rich in endless theme tracks to make users enjoy the experience throughout the game. Also, the magnet feature ensures that users can collect every kind of items they need along them way in just 3 seconds.

Global leaderboard: Racing is only fun when done alongside friends. The best thing about EveryMart android app is that it lets users race with friends and compared their scores via the global leaderboard feature.

Functionality and usability:

App developers across the world have realized that enthusiastic users never want to waste time learning how to play before actually playing the game. Because of this, UbiNuri inc incorporated very easy-to-learn and handle controls. That's why EveryMart can be played with people of all ages.

Users take advantage of the simple controls to bypass barricades on the track, as well as speed through the checkpoints in real time.

Design and application performance:

This app is compatible with Android 2.3.3 or later. It can successfully install in the previous versions of Android, though performance will tend to be sluggish and fail in quality. It's available in English language only. Lastly, it takes up to 43MB of space.


The fact that it's only available in English is a limiting factor to those who don't speak the language. However, everything about this shopping game is just superb.


Android lovers can have fun with a light-hearted racing game, which combines previously mundane locations with popular characters while connecting users. This is an addictive game that can even teach users how to quickly shop in supermarkets and save time for something else. So it's worth downloading.