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The Evergreens are comprised of thousands of entities – Part 2

According to The Evergreens – a name chosen by Michael Blake Read and his wife, Elly - they are comprised of six and half to seven thousand entities that are between lives.

In a channeled session they said, “We are a group of discarnate entities that are, in many ways, no different from yourselves. The difference being that we are but separated by vibration, in that we are not of the same vibratory rate as yourselves.”

They noted that many of them, “though not all, will reincarnate again.” They exist they say “beyond time” and are “not constrained by certain aspects of time… We exist and are as solid and as corporeal as yourselves… We are no better; we are no worse; we but see from yet additional perspectives.

According to these entities, they chose that particular time to communicate through Michael “because of the changes which are making themselves evident at this time.” And their goal is to offer other points of view that the human consciousness might not have determined so “the subconscious would be able to have yet more choices.”

Their purpose is “not to lead or follow but to aid people in achieving their greatest potential and profitability, to add alternatives, choices and options” so that each person who hears or talks to The Evergreens are able to live their own lives to greater measure.

According to Richard, The Evergreens have become known for “their cheerful, loving, practical, innovative, accurate insight and advice on a limitless variety of topics. A few of the areas on which they have been queried are personal growth solutions, health, relationships, raising children, business, promotion and marketing, personnel, finance, investments, science, technology, farming, mining, law, inventions, weather, politics, ethics, music and arts, design, psychology, dreams, paranormal phenomena, reincarnation and more.”

Over the three decades of channeling, The Evergreens, though Michael, have helped more than 30,000 clients.

This story reminds this Examiner of The Wonders that channel messages through channeler Réné Gaudette. Following a near death experience caused by a snowmobile accident in 1989, he began to recall childhood memories and awakened to his deep trance psychic abilities.

The Wonders are comprised of 3,000 to 4,000 entities “residing on the 29th dimension of reality.” They too address personal growth and self-development issues. The major difference between Michael’s channeled messages and those of Réné is that the latter charges significant fees for his workshops, study groups and retreats.

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