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The ever morphing melrose avenue art museum

you never know what you will spy with your little eye
you never know what you will spy with your little eye
copyright 2014 Lori J Bjork

There are many things that may be found along the infamous Melrose Avenue (Melrose) in Los Angeles (L.A.), CA on the stretch from North Sycamore Avenue to North Fairfax Avenue. One of these things is a visually colorful cacophony of street art created by many different street artists. Some artists are known by name. Other artists are known by their tag. Canvases are usually walls, fences, sidewalks and the occasional garage door found along Melrose and the alleys that run north and south of Melrose.

the text portion was beginning to unglue, thus the use of the foot to hold it down
copyright 2014 lori j bjork

If you were to do an internet search for this museum, you may have very little luck. This museum has no walls, no specific address, nor an opening or closing time.

  • There are no curators.
  • There is no price of admission, although parking may require money for the hungry, hungry parking meters that line the curbs of Melrose. And,
  • there is no guarantee that the art on view one day will be on view the next. Such is the temporary nature of the street art beast.

On a recent visit to this "museum," your examiner eyed a fairly new entrant into the street art scene, artist tag: WRDSMTH. A post from WRDSMTH's tumblr presence shares the following about this artist:

"I am a writer doing time in Hollywood.

I've been enamored and inspired by street art for a long while. I never considered myself an artist, though -- at least not the paint and brush variety. I am a writer. My canvas is a blank page of paper and my paint takes the form of the colorful and well-chosen words I craft into nimble sentences.

Which is how I arrived at the idea for WRDSMTH.

I hope these indelible thoughts of mine that are temporarily tattooed on the walls of LA resonate. If they do let me know."

So, if you are looking for an art adventure in the big city of L.A., (especially if you are a fan of street art) the ever morphing Melrose Avenue art museum just may be the "museum" for you.

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