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The Eva Rooms at ITC Gardenia Captivate Women Business Travelers!

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It’s a brave new world that we live in today, more so for the women of this modern age. Women would hesitate before traveling alone or even staying in a new city a few years back. Those times have changed and how! Women travelers are treated to an entirely new luxury experience, focusing on the needs of today’s empowered woman. ITC Gardenia takes the initiative to induct exclusive ladies-only wings. Security is the number one concern for solo female travelers and these ladies-only wings promise absolute safety. A dedicated team of lady associates tends to the needs of the patrons of these ladies-only suites.

These suites do not just have small frills like skirt hangers in the wardrobe or a full length to help you dress better. There is a genuine attempt to encourage gender equality as well as an increased need to cater to the lady patrons’ safety and luxury requirements. This venture is a result of the increasing number of female business travelers. International standards for service have been remodelled to suit the needs of the female client at the Eva Rooms at ITC Gardenia.

Services ensuring security include free pick up from the airport to the hotel. A guard is present at all times at the elevator connecting to the ladies wing. Additionally, the elevators are very close to the rooms and are bright and well-lit at all times. Video phones have been installed to determine the identity of persons who enter the guest room. Telephone screening is also an available service here. Another useful security add-on is that if someone is not carrying a room key card, they will not even be able to step on the dedicated Eva floor for women. Elevator swiping makes this an easy process and limits entry in an optimal manner. There are even specially demarcated smoking and non-smoking rooms available here.

From the humble beginnings of a few Eva rooms, there exists a whole Eva floor dedicated to lady travelers. The ITC business hotels are first in the country to initiate dedicated floors for lady travelers. Little additions like extra cosmetics, bath robes and an ironing board make it an even warmer experience.

Eva Rooms at ITC Gardenia include privileges like the coffee shop complimentary buffet breakfast, cocktails in the evening at the Towers Lounge and a butler. The board room in the Towers Lounge also can be accessed complimentary. Corporate luxury for women does not get better than what is offered by the ITC Hotels.

It will altogether be a very serene experience for women as the hotel goes out of its way to entertain them. Even a simple herbal tea tray assortment and light snacks served in the evening make it more of a holistic experience. Many young and old female business travelers have voiced their approval regarding this novel way to entice them as they constitute one-fifth of all business travelers.

The hospitality industry has made the right call by creating these dedicated floors for women travelers; it surely is a step forward towards women empowerment and gender equality. Also, it is an immensely fun experience for the tired business traveler to sit back and relax! The design philosophy of the floor fuses with the grace of nature, creating a wholesome living experience at the hotel.

Women do need time to enjoy the luxuries in life and they deserve to be pampered. The Eva Rooms at ITC Gardenia are a boon for ladies and a great strategy to satisfy clients and make a more mature hospitality industry. So now you know where you are staying when on a stopover during a business trip!