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The Etiquette of Wedding Thank you notes!

Thank you!
Thank you!
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In the age of the Internet and email, handwritten notes are in danger of becoming a lost art.
When a bridal shower gift and also a wedding gift are bestowed, it is important to recognize the thoughtfulness of the giver with a short note of appreciation. Even if the received present might be a duplicate or is in Aunt Brunhildas old fashioned taste.

According to the basic principles of wedding etiquette it’s required that thank you notes be mailed to all gift-givers. And this wedding etiquette also dictates that each gift receives its own note.  With other words you need to send a note for individual gifts to all and you won’t get away with sending a bridal shower/wedding gift combo note.

(This etiquette person sure talks a lot)

Because the traditional wedding ‘thank you card etiquette’ also states that wedding thank yous are to be sent two weeks to a month after you return from your honeymoon. Personally, I think it is never too late to say thank you but then again nothing is gained by procrastination. So you might as well get it done and out of your hair while there is a good chance you remember who gave you what. Let’s face it; this is the time when you really get to inspect your gifts thoroughly so you might as well write the notes and sent them off. However it is important to remember everyone and they all should get their notes at the same time (within a few days of each other).

To recap you need to send a personalized thank you note for bridal shower and wedding gifts to all who gave or sent a gift within a month or so after the honeymoon.


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