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The Ethan Brosh Band

Ethan Brosh Band
Ethan Brosh Band
Provided by the band.

The Ethan Brosh Band is an intense hard rock instrumental band, featuring the guitar as the lead instrument. Ethan Brosh, the group's leader recently released his second record on legendary drummer Carmine Appice's record label "Rocker Records."

Last spring 2013, Brosh took his band on the road to be the direct support act for guitar lagend Yngwie Malmsteen. The band features three other world class musicians with John Anthony on drums, Giorgio Mongelli on bass and Nathan Montalvo second guitar.

The Ethan Brosh band is a whole experience that explores many different moods, It consists of 4 young rockers who have done great things in the music industry and definitely know what they're doing!

Examiner: How long has your band been together?

Brosh: "My band has been together for five years with different members throughout this time. My current band was something I put together for the Yngwie Malmsteen tour we went on last year as the direct support act. I love the guys I play with now, John Anthony, Nathan Montalvo and Giorgio Mongelli are some of the greatest musicians I've ever had the pleasure to play with. I hope to have them with me forever, We have so much fun touring together and playing together."

Examiner: Who are some famous musicians that you've played with or opened for?

Brosh: "I've gotten the chance to work with some of my biggest guitar idols. Like I've mentioned we opened for Yngwie Malmsteen on his whole US/Canada tour in 2013. We opened for Jake e Lee last year too. I was lucky to also have George Lynch and Greg Howe play some solos on my first record "Out of Oblivion." I also toured opening for Eddie Money. Last year my band was suppose to open for Aerosmith in Mexico but unfortunately because of some promoters conflict we got dropped from the show last minute."

Examiner: Why did you get into the music business?

Brosh: "Well, The reason is my love for music obviously but also the fear of doing absolutely anything else besides music. I need to make music and I need to be on stage. I honestly don't want to and can't imagine myself doing anything other than that!"

Examiner: Tell us about your new CD? Is this your debut CD?

Brosh: "My new CD is called "Live The Dream" and it's my second solo instrumental CD. I've been on other records but this is my own second record. I've worked on it for two years and put all my energy and effort into it. A lot of attention went into the production of this album. I managed to get producer Max Norman to come out of retirement to mix this record. Norman was Ozzy's producer on his first three classic records and he also produced all the classic Megadeth records. And speaking of Megadeth, The bass player of Megadeth Dave Ellefson played bass on a couple of tunes on this record. In the end we went to the greatest mastering engineer alive Bob Ludwig to master the record. I honestly don't know how I can possibly make the production of a record any better than what I managed to pull of this time around. Now the record is finally released on a brand new record label called Rocker Records owned by legendary drummer Carmine Appice."

Examiner: Tell me something about yourself that you've never told anyone else?

Brosh: "Growing up in Israel I developed an addiction to peanut butter. I used to have porridge every morning for years and dump huge table spoons of peanut butter into it. The most awesome thing ever!"

Examiner: Tell us about your band!

Brosh: "My drummer is John Anthony who has been playing from a really young age. He has thousands of shows under his belt. One thing I absolutely love about Anthony's playing is his consistency of keeping the beat at the speed he started at. Not an easy thing to find in a drummer. Anthony has very wide musical taste and can play many styles very well. He plays all the right things at the right time. He has many drum sets and he has everything you could ever want in a drummer. Never at a loss for words, John definitely can back up what he says!

On bass is Giorgio Mongelli. We met back at Berklee College of Music in Boston when we were both studying there. He comes from a beautiful place in the south of Italy. He is a very quiet guy but he definitely knows what he's doing. Back home he owns a state of the art recording studio, which he built. Mongelli records and produces bands and albums at the highest level. Even though he plays bass in my band, he is also a ridiculous guitar player! Whether it's guitar or bass Mongelli has the chops to play both really well with the right tone and without overdoing it. No question, a top of the line musician with many different talents!

Nate Montalvo is on 2nd Guitar. Take one look at Montalvo and it's obvious which era he come from. Naturally, he belongs in my band! His modesty about his playing should not be confused with his immense skills as a guitar player. Montalvo has all the chops and knows all the licks a guitar player should ever have. More importantly is the fact he has great taste as a player and for me that is what really matters. He is absolutely a great guitar player and will make his mark in the next few years for sure. He's also one of the funniest guys I've ever met, which leads to some really interesting scenes on the road!"

Examiner: Upcoming dates?

Brosh: "This weekend on June 6th and 7th I'll be playing at the Sweet Water Gearfest event in Ft. Wayne Indiana, Demoing for the amplifier company I endorse called ISP Technologies. They make the best gear for guitar out there. Later in the month I'll be playing with two brothers who are both Legendary drummers, Carmine and Vinnie Appice in their crazy Drum Wars events. This will happen at the Iridium in NYC on June 20th and at the Chance in Poughkeepsie NY."

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