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The essentials to hold back on for the warmer weather with plants

Flinder, Ranges Australia australian Wildflower
Flinder, Ranges Australia australian Wildflower
Photo by Lisa Maree Williams Getty Images

In El Paso, TX, in reference to the plant life is pruning that can be delayed until the weather warms up. The process of pruning now will stimulate the plant life to provide new growth, which would be challenging for the plants and the new tender leaves/sprouts it obtains in the cold temperatures. Rather, scheduling this for a later time until the weather is agreeable with this technique would be ideal.

To offer fertilizer is an option that should be held off, plant food will encourage new growth that new tender leaves and more will be challenged from the elements of the weather.(Unless, they are winter plants that requires plant food such as Holly’s etc.)

Watering is essential and rather necessary at a considerable rate, nevertheless, too much water is not needed at this time in the season of winter.

In addition to the list, replanting is another task to offer at a later time for most plants need time the colder weather would prohibit and make establishment rather strenuous. The soil becomes hard from the colder weather stressing the roots from growing, as they would want too.

The planting season can be targeted once again in the ending of cold days to the beginning of early early spring with the ground helping to give an indication that the weather is warming up.

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