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The Essential B-12


If you are vegetarian or vegan, on a fairly regular basis you get asked if you get enough protein and iron. More recently, the new favorite question to ask vegetarians and vegans alike is, "How do you get your B-12?" With all the fun "Dr" shows on television and the ever-pervasive need to stay looking youthful, vitamins and their essential intake are constantly in the news. Ever since the general population found out that the only way to get this essential vitamin is either through meat sources or supplements, non meat-eaters have been bombarded with this query.

B-12, in case you didn't know, is an essential vitamin that in essence allows for red blood cells to grow and form properly. Back before the advent of mass grocery marketing there existed this little thing called "farms" and most farming was done by hand or small machines and the produce collected still had natural nutrients directly from soil that we couldn't get completely clean (or obliterate with chemicals). Now, the only living creatures that consume B-12 (again, this occurs only in natural soil) are the animals that eat from the ground. Get it?

So, vegans and vegetarians not consuming animals (because, why would they?) do not naturally ingest B-12. Meat eaters are not immune to B-12 deficiency, either since recently the medical community says even Carnivores consume only half the recommended vitamin.

So-what is the best B-12 supplement on the market?

DEVA. No ifs, ands, or buts about it, DEVA Organics offers the best range of B-12 supplements both in hard capsule and in sublingual forms (meaning, it melts under the tongue). The company also produces a wide-range of microgram doses to choose from, including one-a-day, once weekly, or several times throughout the week.


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