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The essence of grammar

Among God's handiworks are the skies he creates for our enjoyment
Among God's handiworks are the skies he creates for our enjoyment
photo by Betty Owen

I am not going to try to teach you any grammar today - just share with you an ah-ha moment that came to me in the middle of the night. You know those brilliant ideas that suddenly drop on your mind when you are almost asleep...? Sometimes - if you are disciplined enough - you will actually turn on a light an write them down before they leap off into someone else's "almost dream".

And if you are not so lucky - but you did write them down ... you might look at what you wrote and say, "Huh?"

Yah, that's happened to me, too.

But this time - I think I captured a good one.

My minister will be happy to know that I've been listening on Sundays to the lessons imparted. One of them has to do with the opening affirmation the whole congregation speaks aloud at the beginning:

... God, the Good, .....omnipotence

My minister used to direct our attention to the word "omnipotence" - clarifying that it was not "omnipotent".

What finally popped into my head the other night is the 'grammar' was just the surface of what lies deeper within the essence of the different words. One is an adjective - a qualifier. And as a qualifier, it places a limit on the thing that it is connected to.

And since we don't want to place any limits on God - we wish to express the noun. A noun embodies all that it says.

And that directed my thoughts for the meditation I was asked to speak yesterday. I purposefully did not use the three nouns in the meditation - omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence - but spoke of the essences that each embodies.

... Feel the rhythm of your own heart beating - the rhythm of God flowing in and through you.... the rhythm of your life. Today we are releasing all resistance to the power and rhythm of God living and breathing our lives. We are letting go and allowing peace to flow through us, from us and to us.

God is guiding us, breathing us - living us---- as peace-loving and friendly ... We look first for the balance - and receive the highest possibilities in cooperation. It is GOD IN US and AS US that clears the way for seeing, acting and BEING in harmony.

God is all there is - the Power and Sufficiency of our lives - the Wisdom and Understanding - the very BEING-NESS of all that is or ever will be .... God is all that - and more.

God is the "ah" in your awareness -- as you watch the evening sky change from gold thru crimson to deep velvety wine.

God is the haunting call of a dove on the wing - the cricket's evening comments and the sounds of soft gentle rains.

God IS....

God is the happy laughter of a child at play - the friendly smile from a stranger and the murmurs of a brook brushing over the stones in its path.

God is a mother's comforting touch as she brushes the tears from the cheeks of a child. It is God's voice that croons the tender lullaby.

God is the warm and tender memories that linger after a loved one has gone.

God IS....

God is that rush of excitement when you find what was lost... and the still small voice that speaks to you in the quiet of the night.

God is the gratitude that bursts from your heart as you acknowledge your thanks in a simple prayer.

God IS...... God IS......

God is the love and comfort that wraps round you as you go deeper into your heart space in the Silence.


Thank you Precious Spirit for bringing us to this moment in our lives where we embrace compassion for each other and for ourselves. Where we can envision the rhythm of our lives in cooperation with each other - where peace flows through us, from us, and to us. And where the gratitude filling our hearts rises in rippling melodies, bursting from our throats in full chorus. Alleluia!

And it is so. Namaste. Amen

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