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The esoteric scoop on the earthly activity of planting a garden

Happy flowers
Happy flowers
Carol Gibson

Every living thing has an etheric body, and that’s what makes moon sign astrology pertinent. The etheric body of the earth, also known as the astral body, extends out to the moon. Imagine a colorful orb swirling, always changing, and embracing the moon and mother earth, as if in a cosmic womb.

The two are in constant interchange with one another.

Graced by the Sun, the moon emits its energy in synchronization with both the sun and the earth. Within the orbs of influence, the motion of the planets carries an electrical charge generating a magnetic field. A few esoteric scientists are postulating that magnetism and electricity have more characteristics than previously thought.

The electron goes to electricity, but theory has it that “monopoles” are to magnetism what electrons are to electricity. These, in turn, relate to chemical reactions, and magnetic forces in that order.

After having published articles about astrological gardening, a mixed response includes “I don’t have time to check the moon sign. I just have to get the planting done when the opportunity comes up.”

But, using the energy patterns of the surrounding astrological influences is the most time efficient way to garden. Many people sense this, and naturally go with the flow in gardening, or mowing, or tilling.

Take, for instance, a day comes up that your schedule has a free moment, so you rush to the task of planting your nursery starts. You get them in the ground early in the morning and hurry off to the everyday scheduled routine.

Mother Nature has planned a clear sunny day after some wind blows the clouds away from the sky. There sit the little startlings in beautiful, but blistering (to them) sunlight. Maybe you would interrupt yourself to provide them with a little shade.

When the moon astrology enters a fire sign, your plantings will start their lives in traumatic conditions. What is best is if there’s moisture, and not a whole lot of atmospheric activity like wind, etc.

This is why, when the moon is either in a water or earth sign, you will generally have more success. When the phase of the moon is early, or first quarter, the energy patterns tend to lift and assist the upward growth.

After a nubile growth has been traumatized, the effects are about the same as any new baby. It could end up having a struggle for the whole growing season, produce less, and be more susceptible to diseases.

So, for those who think it is a waste of time to plan with the surrounding energies affecting the earth’s atmosphere, think again. When planting happens at the wrong time, you could end up with less or nothing at all. That’s when you have really wasted time. The astrology of moon sign planting is really the most time efficient way to go.

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