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The Era of Urgent Medical Care Clinics

Medical Care Clinics
Medical Care Clinics
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The development and growth of Urgent Care Medicine is of no surprise to anyone. All of this was inevitable after seeing patients frustrated over long waits in the emergency room (for non-emergency care), and waiting for weeks to get appointments to see their primary care physician. The public’s desire for immediate access to medical care has fueled up the growth of Urgent Care industry in the mid-1990s and since then the number of facilities kept increasing.

Many patients prefer to go to Urgent Care centers for care, especially on weekends or evenings when their primary-care physicians don’t have office hours. As only 29% of primary care doctors have after-hours coverage, but a person would like to go according to his convenience.These Urgent Care centers are a fortunate thing for patients in many ways. First of all, their time is saved as the wait hour is usually half an hour or less, not like Emergency Departments’ multi-hour wait. Secondly, patients can often see a doctor, not a nurse practitioner like a retail clinic, this makes the patient feel much relaxed as they get to meet the person they were looking forward to meet. Other than this, Urgent Care centers offer imaging and other services which are not found in retail outlets. They are also cost saving as they only charge a fraction of what Emergency Department visit costs.

Urgent Care centers offers extended hours and immediate availability of care, creating maximum convenience for patients.People have also discovered that it is better to go for Urgent Care center rather than an emergency room for their non-life threatening and immediate health care needs.

Urgent Care professionals have developed Urgent Care Medicine into a significant and recognized specialty that represents the fast growing medical field. There are presently 20,000 physicians who practice Urgent Care Medicine and the number is growing.

There are already around 9,300 urgent care centers in the United States and 50-100 new clinics open every year.Some of them are: 10 to 10 urgent care, 1st care medical center, Centra Care, A Plus Urgent Care, Advanced Medical Center and the list goes on.

The quality and capability of the “walk-in clinic” continues to elevate as Physicians and Nurse Practitioners specialize in Urgent Care Medicine and learn how to treat a full range of non-emergency illnesses and injuries.

The industry of Urgent Care is on full boom and it is only predicted to grow further with the passage of time. It is reported in “Projecting U.S. PrimaryCare Physician Workforce Needs: 2010-2025” that U.S. will likely need almost 52,000 more primary care physicians by 2025 to meet the country's health care utilization needs.

This is the era of Urgent Care Centres. With countless facilities and hassle free ways to treat your non-life threatening conditions on time, they show us how medicine is getting advanced with time. They are the most appropriate health care option according to our today’s life.

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