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The Entrepreneur Center helps Long Island small business owners set goals

The Entrepreneur Center
The Entrepreneur Center
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Setting goals is about more than having good ideas or writing down numbers. In order for goals to successfully be reached, strategic benchmarks must be set and appropriate processes implemented to ensure they are met. With studies showing that over 90% of all small business owners in Long Island do not set annual goals (and those who do largely set goals only based on annual sales), it is clear that a strategic goal layout would greatly benefit the small business community. Enter The Entrepreneur Center in Melville, New York, which is offering a low-cost workshop on January 31 to teach local small business owners how to set and reach the right goals to ensure business success.

Top business owners can agree that goals are like magnets. They attract success and resources when properly set. The key to success is setting the "right" goals. While vague goals may be easy to meet and therefore, less threatening, strategic and specific goals allow the setter increased focus and control. Don't plan to get rich; plan to strategically build a cash flowing business and stay accountable to your goal.

Being successful in sales is important to a business' bottom line, but much more can be at stake. A business owner's personal life as well as business life being out of order can make setting goals, much less reaching them, an impossibly trying task. The Entrepreneur Center's "Setting the Right Goals" workshop, presented by founder and lead educator John Keahi Dano, will guide small business owners through clearing space in their personal lives allowing them to focus on what matters in business. By putting one's self in the right mindset and creating an atmosphere that allows growth, it is not only possible but highly probably that strategic goals can be set and met.

"Setting the Right Goals" will lead participants in setting goals in all areas of their lives, teach them how to prioritize them and be held accountable to getting them done. The fee for Setting the Right Goals is $15. Interested parties can sign up at

To learn more about The Entrepreneur Center, call 631-390-9632 and ask about a free Business Owner Assessment.