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The Entrance Band and Lights lift The Bourbon St Cafe' to new psychedelic plains!

Guy Blakeslee - Guitar

Derek W. James - Drums
Guy Blakeslee - Guitar Derek W. James - Drums
DJ Jones

The Bourbon St Cafe' hosted The Entrance Band, Lights and local group Brainbow.  The venue was a typical campus dive with tons of atmosphere, cold PBR and the scariest bathrooms ever.  Over the bar there are some Christmas lights, a pool table sits across from it and all together very few places to sit.  Seating being scarce kept people up and moving around.  This kept the dance floor full and the bar traffic moving.

Brainbow was the first band up.  They are a local group that has pulled lots of influence from the greats of the 70's. Their entire set was instrumental with slow moving heavy builds and quick breakdowns.  Brainbow will be a good band to watch were they go from here.

Next up was the all impressive Lights, a extremely talented three piece group from Brooklyn, NY. These girls are extremely energetic and animated on stage.  Their beautiful voices and funky music drew the crowd to the stage and kept them there. They really built the energy in the room and set the stage for The Entrance Band.

Then there was The Entrance Band, a three year project that started as Entrance. This group had the psychedelic video going the whole show. They would start on a song from the CD and in the middle of the song, their eyes would close and they would take off.  All three of these musicians are extremely talented and mesh very well together. This is definitely a band to go see live.

All in all a great show. You can check out The Entrance Band and Lights on line.


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