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The Entertainment and Beauty world helps with relief efforts in Haiti

A woman carries water out of the grounds of the destroyed Perpetuel Secour Caotholic Church.
A woman carries water out of the grounds of the destroyed Perpetuel Secour Caotholic Church.
(AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

The earthquake that occurred in Haiti this week is a truly shocking tragedy that has affected all of us around the world. With the death toll rising above 20,000 and the scenes of strife that can be viewed on any news outlet it becomes apparent that we need to focus on ways we can help the Haitian people.

This is not a typical style and beauty topic but due to the nature of the tragedy it seems necessary to talk about how the Fashion, Entertainment, and Beauty world is reacting to the aftermath.

Amazingly there has been a quick and dedicated response by a few individuals who are exerting their best effort to help raise relief funds for Haiti in their time of need.

Actor Ben Stiller has been in the forefront of these efforts. Through his website you can donate any amount and all of the proceeds will go directly to emergency relief for the earthquake victims in Haiti. The site also offers many other ways to contribute to charitable causes in Haiti such as educational programs. Additionally, if you would like to support the Stillerstrong website efforts you can become a fan by buying the oh-so-fashionable Stillerstrong headband. All proceeds from these sales also go to charity.

Another organization that is making a huge effort to raise relief funds for earthquake victims in Haiti is a company call Fashion Philanthropy. Fashion Philanthropy is a company dedicated to selling clothing, accessories, and other items that as they put it, are “socially responsible.” Their products include fair trade and green clothing and accessories. Through the fashion philanthropy website you can either donate funds directly to relief efforts or buy yourself a cute new fair trade outfit that you have been wanting. The website is donating 100% of profits or 50% of revenue (whichever is greater) to relief efforts once they reach their monetary goal.

This outpouring of love and support of the people who have been affected by this devastating disaster is moving. If you are able to spend a little time checking out their websites and donating any amount you can afford to the relief efforts in Haiti it will truly make a difference.


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