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The Enneagram

The study of the Enneagram is the study of nine personality types, grafted geometrically on a chart to predict characteristics and common traits of an individual. Based on these numbers, like astrology by numbers, it is believed we each have a personality type as defined by the Enneagram.

Commonly used in business management and spiritual contexts, "The great potential of the Enneagram is that it can be used to cut your identification with the ego. You can discover that the ego is just a pattern. It is not who you are. Then you can allow your identification with ego to dissolve, refusing to fuel it with your participation. The potential is to use the Enneagram as deep spiritual medicine. It is not about becoming a better fixation. It is about discovering who you really are beyond any pattern of thought, feelings, or behavior, to look within---to find out what the "I" is made of." An excerpt from Science of Mind Magazine, January 2002

On Saturday, January 25th and February 1st, 2014, Richard Robinson, Religious Science, Spiritual Practitioner, shares his 20 year study by bringing The Enneagram teaching to Oakland Center for Spiritual Living, 5000 Clarewood Dr. Oakland, CA 94618. Both classes are from 10 a.m till 2 p.m. lunch is included for a total cost of $70.00

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