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The enigma that is the men's basketball team

Trying to figure out the men's basketball team is like trying to figure out how to catch a butterfly with chopsticks: One simply must accept it as difficult, if not impossible.

The Matadors, according to coach Bobby Braswell, looked "flat and out of sync" from the start of Saturday's game at Long Beach State. They never led and lost 65-51.

What is puzzling is CSUN (9-14, 4-6 Big West) was coming off two wins in which it played some of its most complete and inspired basketball of the season. The Matadors beat second-place UC Santa Barbara after losing one of their best players (Lenny Daniel) to an indefinite suspension for attitude and conduct detrimental to the team, then went to UC RIverside and dominated the Highlanders for the 12th consecutive time.

One also would think that CSUN would be up to play Long Beach State after giving up the game-winning shot with less than 10 seconds to play. Plus, Long Beach State's athleticism usually brings out the Matadors' athleticism.

Not this time. If Braswell or anyone knew why, CSUN wouldn't be where it is.

Anybody got some chopsticks?


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