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The end of the gun

And again
And again
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

It isn’t the first time…but the latest in a long string. It probably won’t be the last time…and shame on all of us for that. It didn’t have the highest body count and not all the dead died of gunfire, though that doesn’t make them any less dead. It’s nothing new at all.

A mentally unbalance young white man got his hands on a gun…several guns, actually… and shot a bunch of people, killing several, wounding more. This sick young man also turned his weapon on himself and died to end the rampage. It is the 31st time this has happened since Columbine in 1996. It’s become nearly the mass shooting of the week. The only question these days is where and how many dead.

Of course the NRA and its apologists have already weighed in. They are particularly delighted that half the dead were killed with a knife…should these be regulated, as well? They also love the fact that four of the injured were struck by the killer’s car…should we ban automobiles, too? The three semi-automatic pistols and the four hundred…four hundred…rounds of ammunition found in the killer’s car mean nothing to them. After all, guns don’t kill people. People kill people.

With guns.

It is time to say, finally, that the NRA does not simply have the blood of these innocents on their hands. The NRA is bathed in blood. It is covered in blood. The blood of every victim, from Columbine to Isla Vista, is on their heads, their hands, their bodies. They are worse than the murderers themselves…they facilitate the killers by braying about their right to carry the deadly weapons they do their evil deeds. It’s time to finally call them what they are…uncaring butchers of the nation’s children.

And it is time to do what they claim is their worst fear. It’s time to get the guns. All of them. Confiscate them and destroy them. Second Amendment or no, it’s time for the guns to go for good and all.

There is no reason for a private citizens to own guns. And it is no longer enough to simply regulate guns. About this, the gun rights people are right. All regulation has ever done is get more guns into the hands of less people. We are not even allowed to demand that guns be kept from madmen like the Isla Vista shooter or the Sandy Hook killer. Background checks? We can’t have that! They’ll take our guns!

And so we will. All of them. Now. Before another innocent is shot to death by one of the NRA’s minions.


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