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The End of One Beginning: A New Start

“He just passed out in my arms and that was it.”
I have repeated this phrase I don’t even know how many times over the past two weeks. My sweet, pleasantly plump, loving cat passed away suddenly on a routine trip to the vet for a checkup. The vet said his heart was broken, and then mine was too.
I stole Buggy off the mean streets about five years ago. He was so friendly and would always approach me outside of a friend’s apartment, meowing and asking for a head scratch. When the weather turned colder, I couldn’t stand the thought of him out there all alone. So I made plans to take him home with me one day.
I remember the first few days after he became mine. I was so nervous and it took some time to adjust to each other, but his often sweet, sometimes ornery demeanor melted my heart. He had such a huge personality and became a sort of mascot in my family. Buggy and I had only a few years together, but he was a huge presence in my life. My apartment has been unusually quiet now that his roaring meows are gone.
When I arrived home after work yesterday, my boyfriend surprised me by being there so we could spend some time together before I went to class. We were just chatting about our days when he said, “I have a surprise for you, but it won’t be here until tomorrow.” I immediately started running through a list of all the possible surprises that could be coming my way. “I hope it’s a whole case of wine,” I said. That day had been a long one.
To my utter surprise, he got up from his seat and walked over to the dining table, then approached me with a red folder. This folder looked vaguely familiar since I had just adopted a little girl cat – Minnie – about a month before as a friend for Buggy. As I opened the folder I realized: He got a cat! He got ME a cat!
Oliver arrives this afternoon. I am so excited to meet the little ball of black fur (with white paws) that will bring such joy to our lives. Buggy left big shoes to fill and he can never be replaced, but I am so glad to give this new little guy a home.
When I get home from work today, instead of walking into a quiet apartment as I have for the past two weeks, I’ll be walking into a new chapter of my life. I will always cherish my memories with Buggy, and I look forward to making new ones with Minnie and Oliver.

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