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The end of Netbooks?

End of the netbook era.
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Milwaukee is the sort of market that netbooks were supposed to take in, one where people use their computers for general web and business use. Of course you on,y believe at if you read too many tech blogs. Though netbooks were popular, they were never the game changer promised. Now the netbook has been declared dead and joins the graveyard of forgotten innovations.

There are two innovations that stopped the netbook revolution before the devices spread beyond early adopters. The first was the tablets, which offered similar compromises on power and productivity, but offered a friendlier interface for novices. The other was the ultrabook, which gave full-sized laptops a slim and light for factor without sacrificing keyboard, screen-size, or power.

The Guardian has some good reason to declare the time of death, as Asus is closing down their Eee PC line which practically launched the category. Many pele called foul, citing that people still yearn for cheap computers. It's doubtful that many PC manufacturers could find anything to sell that can compete with cheap Chromebooks and Android tablets. It's sad to see the netbook era close, but there will certainly be another innovation in the next few years.


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