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The end of King Street Patriots


At the Monday night meeting June 2, 2014 King Street Patriots announced the end of their regular meetings as King Street Patriots and the future of their sister group True the Vote will move forward via cyber venues for the near future.

For the past few years both organizations have been under assault from groups who oppose the views of both groups. This assault escalated when government agencies’ targeted King Streets founder Catherine Engelbrecht personally. Most known of these assaults are the I.R.S.’s attacks of both organizations and even their family business. Catherine stood her ground and even took the offensive by filing suit against the I.R.S. King Street Patriots falls victim to the stresses created by the consuming battle with those that wish to silence groups like King Street Patriots. What is not being realized by those in power that can use a government agency as a weapon is, you may be able to silence King Street as an organization but you can’t silence the individual people that make up the groups.

Ted Poe spoke at the last meeting and kept the crowd of a few hundred engaged as he has before at meetings. Ted Poe is a true friend of King Street and True the Vote. But one member of Congress wasn’t enough to stop those that wish to silence groups with a conservative stereotype label. Over the years King Street Patriots have hosted countless guess speakers and hosted candidate forums to enlighten people and vet candidates. We should all be thankful for groups like King Street for providing access to education and involvement in our political process to ordinary everyday American people.

We may be saying good bye to King Street Patriots as an organization but we will hear plenty more from Catherine and the patriots that the organization was comprised of. The battle may be lost but the war is far from over. The end of King Street Patriots has far bigger implications than the group itself. The question arises did the actions of government agencies violate the first amendment which protects free speech and the right to assemble? These will hopefully be brought more to the forefront of discussion in the near future as it should. Are we fine with government agencies by means of intimidation tell us how to act and what we can or can’t say? Are we fine with a legal mafia as government with threat of harm makes us comply with their wishes? We as individuals should examine what we expect from our employees in government.

Organization and countries are only as good as the individuals that comprise the group. King Street was a group of exceptional individuals unlike a large portion of what use to be our country.