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The end of an age

Last time we talked about the rising of Antichrist through the unbelieving nations that entrusted their power to him. Antichrist, which is Satan incarnate, will sit on the throne in Zion and cause all the people to worship him as god.

As Satan (the Antichrist) brings the nation to Zion to war against him, he actually intends to bring God's enemies together to war again their common enemy as Jesus is scheduled to touch down on earth once more at Mount Zion.

The book of Revelation reveals the terrible events of this time. As the 7 year treaty is broken midway and Satan rises to be worshiped as God, God releases several plagues on the earth. While Satan's demons roam and cause havoc, God releases earthquakes, famines, and pestilence, and temporarily holds back death.

It tells that people will cry out to the rocks and trees to save them from the wrath of the Lamb. You see, people will recognize that this plague is from the God they denied, and they will once more ask to be separated from God of heaven.

Jesus will ride in on a white horse with all His saints and will kick the Antichrist off the throne, and with a word will destroy the nations and imprison Satan and all his workers for a thousand years.

But this is still not the end of the earth. This marks an end of an age, but not the earth of the world. Jesus will physically rule on the earth for a millennium, which is 1000 years, His saints ruling with Him. People will still choose evil, but the ruler and judge will be Jesus and His followers, not worldly leaders having no sense of wisdom. So the government will be perfect and fair.

At the end of this 1000 years, the time will come for judgment of those who lived for Christ and those against. The Bible tells that every knee will bow before Jesus, but not everyone will go to heaven out of choice.

The rolls of heaven will be counted as God destroys earth and rebuilds a new heaven and a new earth. Perhaps this starts a whole new epic.

So to conclude, where do you stand? Are you going to be amongst those saved from God's wrath or amongst those who will suffer the consequence of your sinful ways? Just as the people in the end times will recognize the wrath of God after denying Him, people in Albany actively deny Jesus Christ as Savior.

We in Albany must choose whether we want to be saved from our sins or be left to suffer the consequences, whether it means we will see the end times, or will face the judgment of Jesus Christ and realize we denied the only available redemption from our sin. Everyone is given the same chance. Just a matter of accepting the covenant.


Pastors in Albany churches, such as at Trinity Worship Christian Fellowship, acknowledged to their people that we are all still here, so the prediction of the end of the world on May 21 was obviously wrong. Albany Pastors must be careful of false doctrines and discern them to warn their congregation of what to look for.

We have to be careful to submit to every wind of doctrine and prophecy, especially that which does not line up with the Bible. Real truth is that which follows the ordinances of the faith and not anything new that claims to be exclusive revelation.


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