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The Empty Suit At 1600

Our President went to Texas this week. For those who maybe were busy with end of school year parties, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, there is a situation on the southern border of the USA (which Texas has the most by far- over 1200 miles of the 1900 we share with Mexico) that threatens not only the security of the nation but something much more important to this President: his legacy. Somewhere between 60 and 300 thousand (depending on which source is used) Central American immigrants are expected to illegally cross our southern border by year's end. It has been described as a humanitarian crisis unlike any we've seen in US history and this week President Obama traveled to Texas, ground zero in this crisis to......


Instead of traveling to the border to reassure the country he is in control, the President is fundraising and outright refusing to be coerced into setting foot near the focal point of a crisis that some feel is one this Administration caused. Many say the President is at least complicit in this due to his policies on immigration and the June 2012 executive order to stop deporting people covered by the never passed "Dream Act". Sadly, this simply continues a pattern the occupant of the White House has shown throughout his Presidency: ignore real crises, attack your political opposition with lies and obfuscation, while showing an affinity for only two things- fundraising and relaxing.

Benghazi, 2012- the President blames a video then flies to Las Vegas for a fundraiser, leaving his minions to explain why four Americans (including Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens) were murdered. Egypt is in upheaval in 2012 and Mr. Obama goes out to play his 101st round of golf. More disaster in the Middle East in 2013 hey let's go golfing. Millions of tax dollars spent on golf outings and family vacations while the world is going to hell in a hand basket have led me to this conclusion: our Chief Executive is either lazy, incompetent or both.

Incompetence? Every scandal seems to catch this guy by surprise. "I heard about it on the news" is a pathetic answer when asked about the VA scandal where those who served our nation died waiting for medical treatment. Promising to get to the bottom of the IRS scandal our excuser-in-chief now has referred to it as a "phony scandal" in an attempt to distract an easily distractible nation.

I think lazy may be more appropriate. Even his signature legislative achievement, the "Affordable Care Act" (quotation marks because that's not really it's name as I've written about in the past) was only passed with heavy lifting by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid more than pressure from the White House. Once the President lost his party's control of the House he seemed to lose any appetite for legislative accomplishment, preferring to use Republican control of the house as a club and a convenient excuse for any and everything that causes him angst.

"I've got a pen and I've got a phone" the President famously said earlier this year while threatening "Executive action" to push through items he couldn't get through Congress. Unfortunately for him, we have this annoying little document called the Constitution which gives the two other branches of government coequal powers to govern. The Supreme Court recently ruled 9-0 that his arbitrary "recess appointments" were illegal and voided them. With two of his own appointees part of that 9-0 decision it was obvious that our President had overstepped his authority.

But it also pointed to laziness in that this situation may have been resolved with some compromise and actual work by the President. I believe this President enjoys the trappings of the Presidency and disdains the work required to do the job. His affinity for lavish parties at the White House, expensive family vacations and the previously mentioned golf outings always seem to take precedence over the actual work required. Crisis after crisis have been ignored or blamed on others to the point where he's rapidly becoming invisible. And the US is on its way to becoming invisible on the world stage.

President Obama figured his fawning media coverage would allow him to skate through the last few years of his Presidency without being called out but events have a way of foiling the "best laid plans". As crisis after crisis threatens to shake the very foundations of the nation, even the previously subservient media is waking up and realizing this emperor has no clothes.

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