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The Emmy Awards understand chicks and chocolate


Much has been said about the new Mars bar called "Fling", some good, some bad. Marketed for women, "Have a fling," is one of the slogans the candy company is using in its campaign. No guys, you are not the only ones who think about it. For some, the 80 calorie candy bar, evokes the fantasy of being whisked away from the tediousness of traffic and the ho hum of homework. The "Fling" was the official candy at the Governors' Ball at this years Emmy Awards.

After sitting for a couple of hours watching the telecast inside the Nokia, coupled with being on a diet for a couple of weeks so we could all work the red carpet, there was a secret girl nod that went around the room that said...oh, tonight, I'm going to eat like I'm in a food eating contest. I did notice a trend, the men went for the bread basket and the women went for the chocolate until our meal was served. As an aside, I also happen to be walking by Neil Patrick Harris' table and he was practically doing a little dance in his chair as the wait staff set down the chow: My, my, my he's a happy eater.
The First Course
Sweet peppers, eggplant caviar and chips, layered multicolored potato salad, olives, smoked mushrooms and medjool dates, cherry tomatoes and sweet melons and lemon basil. 
The Second Course
Cubes of salmon with portobello-porcini ravioli, heirloom cherry tomatoes, lemon rings or a vegetarian choice of Garden vegetable ravioli
Dessert Course
Dove Silky Smooth Milk Chocolate infused with raspberry cream and a mint lollipop
Okay back to the "Fling." Mars really wants us ladies to like it...just take a look at the eye candy they had passing it out at the ball. Yup, a handsome man in a morning coat, singing me a song. Why, I felt like I was in a Merchant Ivory film, oh yes I did!