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After the bloodbaths of NAPOLEON's fifteen year WAR on EUROPE and the FRENCH TERROR an astounding thing occurred : a period of peace from 1815 until social unrest broke out in 1848 and then the CRIMEAN WAR in 1853 to 1856 returned EUROPEAN POWERS to the operations of WARFARE, once again. In this brief 33 odd year span there was a consciousness arising that 'CIVILIZATION' should exist without WAR as a means to ECONOMIC stimulation to further ...civilization. The BIEDERMEIER AGE coincided with the R O M A N T I C AGE; and produced ARTISTS who literally stood shoulder to shoulder with the WAR leaders like NAPOLEON and the freshly mutating MODERN POLITICIAN who will eventually take over culture along with the later ROBBER BARONS, to rule and control this "democratisizing" world. Such ARTISTS included : LORD BYRON, SHELLEY, BEETHOVEN, LISZT, J.M.W. TURNER, Theodor GE'RICAULT, COROT, MILLET, Henri FUSELI, S. T. COLERIDGE and a number of others. This is the high point of the AGE of R O M A N T I C I S M !!!

Looking back to this POWERFUL heritage of MODERN ARTISTS ; NIETZSCHE felt their aspiration for ART & CULTURE as Fritz was quite inclined to the ENLIGHTENMENT aesthetic from ROMANTICISM'S previous ERA. The FIRE of R O M A N T I C I S M has been understood to have come from this friction of proto-science in the ENLIGHTENMENT; and the emerging PSYCHOLOGICAL understanding of the MIND and the IMAGINATION of MAN in relation to the Natural World all around us in the ROMANTIC ERA. The ROMANTIC embrace of irrationality and the mysterious PHENONMENA that IS ...OUR this world and universe for which even OUR own MINDS still cannot come to terms with a RATIONAL REASON for why we are even here; had some deeper dialogue in the Hindu cultures ScHOPENHAUER looked to. The greatest TRUTH we can ascribe to this dilemma is to completely objectify a "SCIENTIFIC" understanding to cause and effects and continue with OUR maddening programs of then assigning OUR SYMBOLIC sense of 'MEANINGS' to everything, and calling this REALITY.

Unfortunately, those in POWER have always taken this opportunity to CAPITALIZE and to EXPLOIT everything in this physical domain to call it theirs and to pervert and manipulate the rest of the multitudes and life forms on this planet, and call themselves gods, rulers, divine ones, popstars, and whatever continues the twisted rein of the CAPITALIST POWERS to controlling the planet. Yet, back to the fleeting possibilities of a civilization and culture in a harmony between US, the other creatures on earth, and all the technology - machines - and economic apparatus which literally competes with the "natural functions" of the rest of life, outside the domain of Homo sapiens; here we have a notion of the project that NIETZSCHE spent his life Dreaming and attempting to rationalize for US, in his elusive hidden Utopianistic Youth Culture for the future.

For NIETZSCHE the "Islanders", the Hyperboreans, his Ubberman all were becoming a first answer to the TRAIN of HUMANITY forever falling OFF TRACK. Perhaps NIETZSCHE couldn't put this 'perspective' into a simple solution such as SCHILLER when he suggested that the answer was in front of us :: if we could de-evolve the POLITICIAN and re-construct them to be AESTHETIcians , or ARTISTIC. This would at the very least be the beginning to the correcting answer. Civilization has always continued to begin with corruption and then look like it was trying to put things right. THOMAS PAINE even outlined the problem of our organizational abilities by saying that all government is really a "necessary EVIL" and we go on from there.

The Dream of a Post - Utopian Goal is expressed in the poem by HoLDERLIN "The JOURNEY" with the image of a 'SACRED REALM of DREAM REALITY' emerging from it's lines. The MODERN awakening to our Inner Sanctums were struggling to rise to the surface from such genius' as DIDEROT , the Brothers GRIMM, Von ScHELLING, to FREUD :: as the science of the sub-conscious became understandable and then even applicable. These deep catacombs of the recesses of the mind don't bring us OUR gods on a platter but we learn the questions and answers and then even why we needed to create OUR gods. What has always been missing is the CHARACTER, once this is realized, to take responsibility for what we do, and how we leave this planet for the next generations. We are also confronted not only with the insanity of evolving our IDENTITY in this Universe but also in embracing any profundity a meaningful IDENTITY entails. Often the failures in society come from this irresponsibility and inability of INDIVIDUALS to live up to an IDENTITY with substance and carry on through life to its conclusions. Then the enormous 'reality' of false IDENTITIES and half baked IDENTITIES. One look at AMERICA'S television culture and we see an obsession with criminality, drug-dealers and prostitution rampant, and since the murders of the KENNEDY's and Civil Rights Leaders in the 1960s ; a fetish for the C.I.A. and spy world which of coarse is the complete opposite to actually creating an IDENTITY.

A consciousness from the early emerging BIEDERMEIER AGE has always endlessly entralled me...B I L D U N an approach to living in such a contraption as a CIVILIZATION. :: ::: :::: B I L D U N G :::: ::: ::

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